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  1. tribalbrit

    Free Duckweed

    UK only folks..
  2. tribalbrit

    Free Duckweed

    Lighting is 8 t5's No ferts used shrimps love it. controls algae. would grow in a glass of water if you let it.
  3. tribalbrit

    Free Duckweed

    Is any wanting any Duckweed? I thin out my tank every week or two and end up throwing it away, so if anyone wants it for the cost of the postage you are welcome to it. Last Friday I dumped at least two large hand fulls, don't know what postage would be but will do it at cost if anyone's interested.
  4. tribalbrit

    Java Ferns Free (Manchester)

    pm sent
  5. tribalbrit

    Large Portion Of Duckweed £2 Which Inc P&p! Ashford Kent.

    I have loads of duckweed in an outside pond that you are welcome to for postage costs if you don't mind some snails in there.
  6. tribalbrit

    Dry Fertilizer Mix

    IMO you dont need the potassium sulphate as the potassium is in with the potassium nitrate and the sulphate is in with the magnesium sulphate, you do however need a trace mix, added on alternate days to the rest.   
  7. tribalbrit

    Quick Car Question

    speak to the finance company and ask for a settlement figure on the out standing finance. Pay this off in full even if it means borrowing from elsewhere. You have then completed the finance and do not owe any money to them for the car. Then any accident is down to the present owner and not you...
  8. tribalbrit

    Guppys/guppy Fry. Free To Good Home

    Says in in Leicester  which I'd presume is UK.
  9. tribalbrit

    2X Anubias Barteri For Quick Sale.

    payment sent thanks
  10. tribalbrit

    2X Anubias Barteri For Quick Sale.

    pm me your pay pal addy>
  11. tribalbrit

    2X Anubias Barteri For Quick Sale.

    If blackops doesn't I will take them £6
  12. tribalbrit

    Can I Use A Rubber Band To Weigh Down Hornwort?

    I might have to find another plant anyway at this rate, can't seem to buy hornwort anywhere.   Plenty on ebay..
  13. tribalbrit

    Can I Use A Rubber Band To Weigh Down Hornwort?

    tie wraps are all plastic... I dont mean the ones you use in the kitchen. I mean the ones you can buy in diy or motror supply shops.
  14. tribalbrit

    6 X Rooted Crypts + For £5 Posted. Edinburgh

    finally managed to sort mine out today... great plants and well worth the money IMO. Cheers Chris
  15. tribalbrit

    Can I Use A Rubber Band To Weigh Down Hornwort?

    tie wrap!     cotton rots and so will a rubber band.
  16. tribalbrit

    How To Know If Floorboards Will Support This Weight?

    a 6ft tank is no bigger than a bath.. do you have a bath up stairs?? many people do and never think twice about filling with water and then climb in themselves..    granted it would be an advantage if the joists ran at a right angle to the tank so that the weight would be spread over several...
  17. tribalbrit

    Painting The Tank Frame

    there are paints available now for pvc windows... google it.
  18. tribalbrit

    What Fish Are Compatible With Rcs?

    Ember tetra. and pygmy cory
  19. tribalbrit

    What Would You Do With A 100 Gallon Fish Tank?

    plants and shoals of small fish'