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  1. ClownLurch

    New 100l nano tank ideas

    Welcome. Those fish are too big for the tank imho. Endlers, Pygmy Corys, Galaxy Rasboras, Scarlet Badis sized fish are more like it imho.
  2. ClownLurch

    New Year’s resolutions 2023

    To get to grips with technology. To jog every other day.
  3. ClownLurch

    Scientific Theories/Paradoxes

    Is it the Stephen King time travel/Kennedy assassination novel where the traveller has to keep his head down and survive by betting on gridiron-boxing-baseball-horse racing results that he already knows? I like the idea of that more than the idea of killing my poor Grandfather. Mind you I’d...
  4. ClownLurch

    I became a stranger's daddy today...

    I feel the OPs paranoia. That’s happened to me far too many times for comfort. The poor mothers always seem embarrassed beyond what seems to be socially acceptable in my eyes. I can accept ive not got movie star looks but the way these kids mothers react you’d think I was verging on horror...
  5. ClownLurch

    Stocking Questions

    Where are you reading articles that recommend Bettas with other fish and frogs with fish?
  6. ClownLurch

    "New" to Hobby - Looking for Biotope themed aquariums

    Which websites are you getting your info from? Im far from being an expert which is why I listen to who are science backed experts………even when they’re telling me stuff I really really don’t want to hear.
  7. ClownLurch

    New Member

    Welcome and MERRY XMAS. That’s if you celebrate it of course. If not then just WELCOME!
  8. ClownLurch

    Copper Pipe

    I bet the OP wishes theyd never bothered.
  9. ClownLurch

    Copper Pipe

  10. ClownLurch

    Copper Pipe

    I’m only messing about.
  11. ClownLurch

    Copper Pipe

    But it’s not a 21% weekly WC though. 3%x7=21 but 3% of every new 3% is changed out every WC.
  12. ClownLurch

    Copper Pipe

    Aaaaarrrrgggghhh but what if thursdays 3% was actually the 3% added on Tuesday? Eh? Eh? Eh?
  13. ClownLurch

    Suitable Tank Inhabitants

    GH changing is strange. Though Co Durham’s a strange place regardless.* *I was born there so I can say owt I want.
  14. ClownLurch

    Copper Pipe

    Depends how long the water is actually in the copper pipe I suppose. It’s no doubt travelled through copper pipe to and other types to get to your tank…..unless your up Tyne(spits)-Wear-Tees dale type areas?
  15. ClownLurch

    And we think it's bad if our tanks leak......

    Im not even gonna read this thread. I discovered mine was leaking at 18:30 on Xmas eve last year. All the pre Xmas tasks were complete and I was midway through a phone call to my mam 260 miles away when the tank light timer clicked into action behind me. There was approx 4” of water left in a...
  16. ClownLurch

    Red striped killis and neocaridina shrimp

    Neocardinias stood no chance in my Heterandria Formosa species tank. Put em alongside each other in my nano community tank and they’re safe as houses though. Would that work with killis? I’ve never had killis by the way.
  17. ClownLurch

    Hi there, Newbie here with daft questions.

    I believe Corys require a bit more company of their own kind. is the science backed website most often referenced to on here. They’ll keep you right.
  18. ClownLurch

    New Tank Set Up and Fishless Cycling

    Get as many plants as you can afford. Especially floating ones. That’ll help speed you up.
  19. ClownLurch

    What Country You Lot from?

    I’m NE England born n bred going back a few generations despite having lived longer in London and more recently the SE. 3% Norwegian according to a dna test which I took just in time for their football team to fall off the World Cup radar. It’d be great to have a variety of nations to get behind...