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  1. steelhealr

    Hello Ads!

    Ads...and their presence...TBD. Keep your eyes open. SH
  2. steelhealr

    Death Of A Nano Cube

    Thinking 20 gallon long. SH
  3. steelhealr

    Death Of A Nano Cube

    Hi all. I have often counseled members that 'all inclusive' tank systems are not the best. I guess, for starter-outers, they are OK. Electronics included in a packed-in hood are frequently subject to moisture, salt, corrosion and equipment failure. Replacing parts ofttimes is challenging...
  4. steelhealr

    Marine Topic Of The Week, 04/09-04/23

    Never hurts to review. SH
  5. steelhealr

    Odd Turn Of Events...

    Hi. I would exchange that hydrometer for a refractometer if you can. SH
  6. steelhealr

    Gh And Kh Hardness

    Hi. Are you measuring levels for all the chemicals you are 'dosing' your tank with? Are you measuring Iodine, iodide and free Iodine? Are you measuring strontium levels? Magnesium? If you are NOT, I strongly recommend that you stop this 'dosing'. Although unlikely, no one here can tell you if...
  7. steelhealr

    1000 Us Gal Project

    T1...just getting back here. Can you PM me and fill me in to help me catch up. Last I saw you was just after the build; you had some leaking issues and then medical issues. SH
  8. steelhealr

    Open Brain Coral Question

    Open brains have extremely delicate membranes/tissue. They can exist fine on LR HOWEVER, if they are knocked off or fall, they damage can be devastating. Since the skeleton of a coral is composed of calcium, I am not sure why you wouldn't/couldn't put it on the sand bed. I kept mine there. Keep...
  9. steelhealr

    Puffing In A Cigar

    I'm considering a cichlid tank next. If I start up another tank, I'll move the kribs out. SH
  10. steelhealr

    Puffing In A Cigar

    pH is about 7-7.2. When I offloaded the two huge iridescents, the massive water change wiped out almost all my fish. My nitrates had climbed into the hundreds. The iridescent's were destroying the tank and beating the snot out of both themselves and the fish. Now I am running 20-40. My tank pH...
  11. steelhealr

    Pros And Cons Of A Pico Tank.

    Although picos are a challenge and, when well done, attractive, it's just so much more fun to aquascape and stock. My eyes always get so big in the marine section of the LFS. SH
  12. steelhealr

    Fish For A Nano Marine

    Agreed. That's small. I am HIGHLY against putting clowns in small tanks. Keep in mind that, looking at the pix, there is no hood. Make sure that if you do stock with something small someday, it's not a jumper or you'll find it dried out on the floor. Marine fish jump. SH
  13. steelhealr

    Daft Nano Question

    I've run a Nano cube now for over 7 years. I made multiple modifications. If I did it all over again, honestly, I would get a 20 gallon long. IMO, it's the best nano tank around. Design it the way you want. Simple. Clean. Adaptable. You do it YOUR way, not the manufacturer's way. A 20 gallon...
  14. steelhealr

    What Glue Is Safe And Good At Sticking Frags To Rock?

    I love the putty. It takes patience. The key, I think, is you have to hold it in place until it hardens. I've found that eventually, it will even get covered by corraline algae and be 'invisible'. I've had frags held in place for years. You can try silicone but I think this is harder to work...
  15. steelhealr

    Puffing In A Cigar

    I'm glad I moved this back into Tropical discussion. This is more about a new event than African cichlids. As you all know, most of the info we read about when looking at a new species is "breeding", "sexing", etc. So, an old mod has to learn new tricks. It's quite possible that I missed a few...
  16. steelhealr

    Bog Wood Staining Water

    Bogwood stains water. Period. Especially if it's new. It will wash out over time. It is not toxic to the fish. Boiling new bogwood first and letting it soak may help but it will still leach out overtime. The smaller the tank, obviously, the more intense the color. Same as cloudy tank...
  17. steelhealr

    Puffing In A Cigar

    Thanks shelagh. Best of both worlds. Fresh and salty. SH
  18. steelhealr

    Puffing In A Cigar

    Great stuff. It's one of those GOOD unexpected things that can happen with this hobby. It's funny because I find myself re-investing interest and time into my tank. Great stuff. Although I run a SW tank, there still is an ease and smoothness of running a FW tank. SH
  19. steelhealr

    Puffing In A Cigar

    Looking in my tank today, I thought I had parasites. The one piece of wood I had in there was moving. Lo and behold...FRY. Babies. I'm a DAD. LOL. I added kribs about a month or so ago. In almost a decade of fishkeeping, this is a first. I have to go back and hit the books. SH
  20. kribs1a.jpg