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  1. RanDX14

    Window Well Aquarium

    Well, we had our big "aquarium reveal" party this weekend (oh, and I guess there was also a gender reveal for my daughter, it's going to be a girl!!). Everyone was impressed. I'm happy with how this build turned out. The tannins from the driftwood actually help soften the look, which I think...
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  3. RanDX14

    Window Well Aquarium

    Here's a couple pics with the new lights, blues on in the morning, then a blend of blues and white.
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  6. RanDX14

    Window Well Aquarium

    I'm surprised that my plants are still green considering the water has been a constant 70 degrees, much cooler than these plants typically grow in, actually seeing some impressive growth. If they continue to thrive I'm planning to put some in the aquarium, although it's almost a guarantee...
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  9. RanDX14

    Window Well Aquarium

    Finished building my light and auto feeder frames. One unknown is how well this light and food in the feeder will hold up to the humidity. I have a thermometer/hydrometer under the lid to monitor the levels. Does this visitor mean I no longer have an aquarium, but a pond? Lol.
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  12. RanDX14

    Window Well Aquarium

    Keeping the bright lights off to let them acclimate to their new home. They look so much better in real life than I can capture with a picture.
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  15. RanDX14

    Window Well Aquarium

    My little peanuts arrived today, I couldn't get a food count but they all survived the trip. The company said since they are so young it's not uncommon to expect a 20% loss during the acclimation process. We will see.
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  19. RanDX14

    Window Well Aquarium

    @Sunnyspots definately like how its turning out!!! I think once I get the lights dialed in it'll look amazing. The overall project really wasn't to bad, just a lot of waiting for silicon to cure and sourcing the glass took a lot more time than I anticipated.
  20. RanDX14

    Window Well Aquarium

    Installed a new light fixture. Still playing with the intensity but it definately brighten it up. Still a lot of tannins in the water but I guess that's to He expected with this much wood. Fish arrive tomorrow!!!!!