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  1. Joshwainwright

    My first planted tank - Fluval Flex 57L

    This certainly has promise! The foreground is going to look amazing once it fills out :good:
  2. Joshwainwright

    Other Fish Than Cories Eating Algea Wafers. Is This Normal Do Non-Cat

    Yeah, they need to be soaked for a while...   I tend to just use frozen bloodworm though and defrost a cube in a shot glass of tank water before feeding :)
  3. Joshwainwright

    I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Wow, 8 years since your last post!    Sorry I don't remember you, I only joined in 2009 - welcome back though!   Some things have changed but not too much. What have you got stocked? 
  4. Joshwainwright

    Other Fish Than Cories Eating Algea Wafers. Is This Normal Do Non-Cat

    I agree with all the above    You should try feeding some bloodworm, you'll be surprised how well it goes down with all your inmates!
  5. Joshwainwright

    20 Gallon Rescape

    That makes it even worse! :lol:   I'm REALLY tempted to get something set up but I'm in halls so I have to move out come June time for the summer. Home is a 2 hour drive away too and getting all my stuff here in the first place was a struggle! 
  6. Joshwainwright

    Golden Gourami - Sick Or Hurt

    Let's just say the nitrates are at 60ppm, right in the middle    40ppm can be considered as high and ideally, you want it to be below 20ppm so a couple of more frequent water changes would help. The nitrate level of your tap water probably won't be any more than 10ppm.   Personally, I wouldn't...
  7. Joshwainwright

    What's My Fish?

    +1 on the ID    It will do fine in with the tetras too!   People on here love photos, maybe it'd be a good idea to start a photo journal? ;)
  8. Joshwainwright

    20 Gallon Rescape

    Looking good!    A nice little video too, it really hasn't helped how I'm feeling about having to cope without a tank while I'm at university though!   The harlequins look great :)
  9. Joshwainwright

    110 Litre Fish Tank Stocking

      110L is WAAAAYY too small for discus. To Keep them, I'd say you want a 300L at least!   I'd suggest setting up a planted community tank, after you've double checked the pH of course ;)
  10. Joshwainwright

    How Often To Do Water Changes During Cycle.

    The bottles pretty much always have child-safe caps too. I even struggle to open them now! :lol:
  11. Joshwainwright

    Golden Gourami - Sick Or Hurt

    I was about to say are you sure your 'little girl' isn't a boy when I saw the first photo of her but then looked back at your sexing thread. In those image she definitely looks female :p   To answer the your question, I'd say she's hurt, not sick. Unless her behaviour has changed, I wouldn't...
  12. Joshwainwright

    How Often To Do Water Changes During Cycle.

    A fishless cycle doesn't need water changes   I'd also recommend you find some pure ammonia (no soap/detergent added), it will give you much more control over the level and will probably save you time seeing as you can dose the desired amount as and when, rather than waiting for the shrimp to...
  13. Joshwainwright

    My Filter Just Packed In - How Long Do I Have?

    Firstly, stay calm - you probably have longer than you think so there's no need to panic just yet!   Get the old filter going and add as much of your mature media as you can to it. Reshape it, stuff it in, whatever you have to do. If all the media doesn't fit, don't just remove it from the tank...
  14. Joshwainwright

    My Male Halfmoon.

    Oh wow, he's stunning!   Keep us updated on the name ;)
  15. Joshwainwright

    Stocking Stocking Stocking!

    Aw, it's a shame about the bristlenose - I've had mine for a while now and he's great! Everyone seems to just refer to him as "the big 'un"   Without having much info to go on, I'm going to say 6-10 Cardinal Tetras would be a great addition to start with!   Rehoming the tigers has opened so...
  16. Joshwainwright

    Geetings All

    Hey Sarah, welcome to the forum - it's great to have you on board!   Just so you know, we love photos and diaries on here ;)     Josh.
  17. Joshwainwright

    Updates! :)

    Wow, fair play to you for taking time to actually do that!   Personally, I'd lose count.. even if it was a still photo :p
  18. Joshwainwright

    Black Dots

    If it is that and there's no behavioral changes then I wouldn't worry too much.   Still pop a photo up though 
  19. Joshwainwright

    Did Make Me Giggle

    Oh dear, RCA! :lol:   Although floppy drive and modern don't go too well together, I can't remember the last time I saw one :p   In fact I'm young enough to have never actually used a floppy disk! By the time I got my first PC they weren't used any more...
  20. Joshwainwright

    Moderator Rogues Gallery

    ...and a hawk, and a dog, and a horse and a goat