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  1. Gazoo

    My Khuli Loach Has Lost Its Stripes

    Yep, without a doubt. I keep a log for my tanks and make updates whenever I add or remove dead fish. Back in 1/23/09 I added two Khulis to the tank that already had two. Nothing else changed. I've got a mutant. :alien:
  2. Gazoo

    My Khuli Loach Has Lost Its Stripes

    Thanks for the reply MikeV. The first picture is from about a year ago and the second is one I just took.
  3. Gazoo

    Make Foods Sink?

    Very clever use of fishing line. :thumbs:
  4. Gazoo

    Have You Ever Seen Hikari Tropical Flake In Your Lfs

    Nope. Unfortunately I've never seen it in a LFS. A few years ago Hikari had a promo where if you sent them a competitors empty flake container, they would send you theirs in exchange. Not too shabby of a deal. If I could find it now I probably would start buying it instead of TetraMin.
  5. Gazoo

    is learning to play guitar.

    is learning to play guitar.
  6. Gazoo

    My Khuli Loach Has Lost Its Stripes

    Has anyone ever heard of a khuli loach losing its stripes? For some reason ~6 months ago, one out of the four turned to a solid colored body. It eats and socializes like the other loaches. My water stats are consistently: Ammonia - 0 Nitrite - 0 Nitrate - 5-10 Any ideas? edit: added topic...
  7. Gazoo

    Black Specks/spots On Severum

    I was about to start a new thread but it seems as if you and I are dealing with the same thing. I recently added 6 rummy noses and within a few days they developed ich. :sly: Then when I was taking a closer look at them, I noticed one of the rummy noses had one black spot on the side of its body...
  8. Gazoo

    What's The Hardest Lesson You Learned?

    OK all you youngins' - don't do this one: Many years ago when I was new to doing water changes, I decided I would be smart by saving some time by filling my tank with an outdoor faucet/garden water. Needless to say, the water was too cold and within a day all my fish had Ich. Since I didn't...
  9. Gazoo

    Rummy Nose

    I paid $15 (£10) for 6. What are they going for where you all live?
  10. Gazoo

    Rummy Nose

    For quite some time now I've had my eyes on rummy noses to add to my tank that has cooper razboras in it. Yesterday I purchased 6 that looked pretty good at the LFS. Now that they have been it the tank for a day, their noses have really brightened more than I expected. :D I now wish I wouldn't...
  11. Gazoo

    Tiny Black Flecks In New Seachem Prime?

    Thanks for the legwork VaegaVic. "Prime® has a very distinct odor that is similar to sulfur which is completely normal. Also, the presence of small black specks is normal."
  12. Gazoo

    Tiny Black Flecks In New Seachem Prime?

    I just unsealed a new 250 mL bottle of Prime (water conditioner) and there are many tiny black flecks floating in it. I've been using this product for many years and have never seen this before. Have any of you seen or heard of this weirdness? edit: spelling
  13. Gazoo

    What's The Hardest Lesson You Learned?

    I once chose not to unplug my heater before doing a water change because I thought I wouldn't be removing that much water. Yep, you guessed it - CRACKLE POP! :crazy: I never moved so fast in my life to get my hands out of the water. (I really should have known better.) :blush: I will now...
  14. Gazoo


    I use a couple of these Coralife units as well. They cost ~$6 and their readings match two other of my glass thermometers - that's good enough for me.
  15. Gazoo

    New Corys

    They look like either like a Delphax Cory / False Blochi Catfish (Corydoras delphax) or a Sterba's Cory (Corydoras sterbai).
  16. Gazoo

    What Book (or Books) Are You Currently Reading?

    With a Little Help from My Friends: The Making of Sgt. Pepper by George Martin
  17. Gazoo

    What Are You Listening To?

    AC/DC's latest CD, Black Ice
  18. Gazoo

    What Do You Think Of The Music Group Kings Of Leon?

    Good suggestion. I just added it.