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    Growth on pleco

    Does anyone know what this little growth might be on my pleco? I’ve only had him a month, from my LFS, I wasn’t able to quarantine. No behavioural or feeding issues just this little growth that appeared on its fin last week, slightly more red at first but now this more creamy colour. Thank you.
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    Is my Cory sick?

    How long have you had the tank and what else is living in it?
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    White particles floating around

    I’m so grateful that you suggested I look at the filter. It wasn’t doing its job and when I tested the water it had gone from 0.25 ammonia to 2ppm overnight. Thankfully not having let it get any worse, I have cleaned the filter out, done an 80% water change, added Prime, stuck an old smaller...
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    White particles floating around

    I’ve done some googling and maybe there is a blockage in the filter. I’ve recently put some new plants in and stray leaves have been going to the filter so maybe that’s caused it. I’m not good with anything technical at all :( I’ll try to investigate though. Also my air stones are very close to...
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    White particles floating around

    Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll gladly clean the glass more regularly if it won’t affect beneficial bacteria. The filter came with the tank, it’s Juwel bio flow M. I don’t know if anyone in here is able to tell me why it might not be efficient, or I’ll check if there is a section specifically...
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    White particles floating around

    Hopefully these show the issue, I do twice a week at least 50% water changes. I don’t know if this is normal or if I have a water quality or filter issue I need to sort. Thank you.
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    White particles floating around

    I’ve been in the hobby about 6 months now; I had a 70l for two months that I transferred into a 240l which went through a mini cycle. I have recently noticed a lot of white specks floating around, like loads, making the water look really unclean. This is despite a 70% water change last night. Is...
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    My black mollies are sick

    Glad to have helped, if only the nitrates are reduced because of it then I’m sure that will much improve their chances. I hope someone can diagnose from the photos. I know how frustrating it is when you’re trying hard to do right by the fish and not seeing improvements (still going through it...
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    My black mollies are sick

    Hi, I’m new to the hobby so will allow more experienced molly knowledgeable members who have helped me such as @Colin_T @speakerman3 to respond more affirmatively, but from what I do know, nitrates at 100 is damagingly high for mollies. Have you done any large water changes since you reduced...
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    New symptoms poorly molly:(

    Haha I’d like to think so
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    New symptoms poorly molly:(

    Thank you for all the suggestions. Yes those are available so I will look them up online now. I appreciate you taking the time to help. I need to look into the right mix for the water hardness too. It’s not easy - this particular fish is called Buster and belongs to my 4 year old :(
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    New symptoms poorly molly:(

    Thank you for all this.. a lot to digest and think about then. It is frustrating that the LFS recommended this combination to me, but then they are also the people who told me to put fish into my new tank after 48 hours (they all unsurprisingly died and were my young children’s first ever family...
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    New symptoms poorly molly:(

    Thank you I appreciate that :) :) :)
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    New symptoms poorly molly:(

    Eek right thank you. Honestly thank you - I have learnt so much from this forum. I hate that I am still learning and it’s affecting the fish :( So I need to look into adding minerals to the water from what I can see via Google. @Byron is there a better way to go about that or anything to avoid...