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    Maximum Number Of Neons

    It is a standard 2' tank about 60 litres and I was planning a adding a few plants and maybe a little centre piece. Thank you for all of the help from above. :good:
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    Maximum Number Of Neons

    Just as the title says what's the maximum amount of neons that can be kept in a 2 foot tank? No other fish are being kept in this tank. Any help will be a great help.
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    Planting Ideas

    Thank you for you advice I will look into the plants you have mentioned and see what I like.
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    Planting Ideas

    Thanks for the reply. It's just a general planted tank I'm after, I don't want to go into co2. Just some hardy, easy to grow, plants for a beginner.
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    Planting Ideas

    I have recently bought a 2 foot tank and looking for ideas to plant it. The tank has standard lighting and is bare at the moment as it's currently being cycled. Any help, ideas or pictures would be very much welcomed. :good:
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    Help Breeding Neon Tetras

    Has anyone had any success in breeding neon tetras, they are supposed to be quite hard.
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    Help Breeding Neon Tetras

    I would like to breed neon tetras but there is a couple of question I need help with. How can I get the water to the correct ph in the breeding tank. How old do the fish need to be before I can start to breed them.
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    Blue Sand

    I have had sand in my tank since it was set up about 3 months ago now. I was doing my routine vac and water change and noticed that in places the sand has gone blue. Does anyone know what may have coursed this or had it happen to them? :blink:
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    Show Us Your Nano Cube Tanks

    I have a 48 litre cube tank and I'm looking for inspiration to design it. Please could people post pictures of there cube tank please. :nod:
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    New Plants From Ebay, Id Needed

    I heard that last trading post, :good: or something like that was really good on ebay.
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    Neon tetra's are quite hard to breed there was a very good write up on a forum (not sure if it was this one). I would like to give this a go myself one day.
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    I have seen that 1 watt per litre is recommend so 25w should be fine.
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    Tank Mini Cycle

    I'm testing twice daily ammonia 0.5 nitrites 0 nitrates 40 then doing a 50% water change twice a day. I have not washed the filer in tap water, no dead fish, did add 5 glow light tetras though.
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    Adding Bog Wood To Tank

    I would like to add Bog wood to my tank. My tank has already got fish in would the ph drop to quick and stress the fish. :good:
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    Marina Style 60 Question

    I just checked your link and it says heater is included. I also checked the marina s15 filter and there is no heater built in, so it seems that you have been short changed. Unless the heater is built in else where
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    Tank Mini Cycle

    Tank was fully cycled and been running for a 1 month or 2 after. I have done all water changes with dechlorinated water and vac the sand regular.
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    Nano Tanks Under Rated?

    Neon tetras are the best in my opinion. :rolleyes:
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    Tank Mini Cycle

    I don't know why, but my tank has started a mini cycle. I have been testing and changing the water regular for a week now. My question is how long will it take for the filter to catch up?
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    Urgent Need Of Help After Bad Advice

    I'm glad that I found this forum before I got to the lfs. I fish less cycled my tank, added fish a few at a time to avoid stressing the filter(didn't want to stock a lot a first). I keep up my week water changes and my tanks being running for 13 week and problems. I was reading in my lfs that...
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    Gotta Love A Freebie!

    Can't fault you, if you don't ask you don't get :hyper: