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    Possible infection in green tiger barb

    Hello, I recently noticed one of my juvenile green tiger barbs flashing on/off. They have damage to their fins which I assumed was secondary to the flashing. I treated the tank with a 33% water change and aquarium salt. They seemed to be doing alright and I haven’t noticed any flashing, but...
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    Green Tiger Barb issues

    Okay I will give that a try, they all look pretty good today. Thank you!!
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    Green Tiger Barb issues

    Thank you! Unfortunately the barb just passed away, should I still treat the tank to be safe? I did add aquarium salt before the fish were added, is it okay to add more? The spider wood had also developed some white fungus, but according to instructions it is normal and harmless. I used API...
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    Green Tiger Barb issues

    Hello, Last week, I set up a new 50 gallon freshwater tank. Saturday, I added 4 green tiger barbs and 1 rainbow shark. Since bringing them home, 1 of the barbs have seem to mainly swim by themselves. It is quite smaller than the rest and seems to have bulgy eyes. Gradually it has showed...
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    Gold Gourami trouble swimming

    Okay, thank you. Did you think anything looked wrong with his left fin?
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    Gold Gourami trouble swimming

    okay I got it 😊 This is a video of him this morning. His swimming has improved, but still not great. He also has periods where he just rests on the bottom. That’s not always abnormal for him but it seems more like it’s difficult to swim up.
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    Gold Gourami trouble swimming

    I do have one, but I was unsure how to upload it
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    Gold Gourami trouble swimming

    Within the last 2-3 days, my gold gourami started having trouble swimming. He was angled nearly vertical and would sink back down more quickly. He also moved his fins more rapidly. I decided to clean out the tank. He seemed to start improving, but I noticed a spot on his left fin. It’s a...
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