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    Female betta behind filter

    UPDATE: She seems to be having a bit more of a roam around this morning! She came upto the side when I turned the lights on and altho she’s lingered at the top she has been swimming around the mid section too! This makes me very happy!
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    Female betta behind filter

    I know 1000% the sick one is female as she has an egg spot and I’ve seen her release eggs. My yellow one again from the fins I’m assuming is female I got her when I accidentally got sold my other male! And they where tiny so unless he’s not matured yet I don’t know :( Red has always has that...
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    Female betta behind filter

    Thankyou! I have a 135lt tank :)
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    Female betta behind filter

    Hi and Thankyou ! She’s seems to be on and off with it, sometimes she’s all clamped up and other times she’s fully fanned out! She came out for a few mins this evening and I treated her to some frozen blood worm and although she ate a few her appetite isn’t what it was :( I managed to grab...
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    Female betta behind filter

    No funnily enough she was always one of the dominant ones between her and my little white female she’s the bigger one of the two so I don’t get where this behaviour has come from! She has been quite since I put the male in the breeder box and hasn’t really be interested in much witch is quite...
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    Female betta behind filter

    I did a 25% water change on the 17/05/22 and vacuumed my gravel and washed my filter sponge in tank water. My tank is 135lt and I’ve attached a photo for you. My parameters are as taken today 20/05/2022: Nitrate=20 Nitrite=0 Ph=7 Kh=80 Gh=180 - always been this hard Ammonia=0 Temp = around 27...
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    Female betta behind filter

    Hey guys, My female betta has started hiding behind the filter at the top of the water. I’ve checked my parameters and all are good! I’ve had her since January and never had any issues or sickness. I can’t see any damage on her so I’m a bit confused as to why she seems to be lethargic. I’ve...
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    Females acting funny?

    Thankyou for your advice! I’m keeping him in the breeder box for now as I cant afford to get 3 separate tanks. My 2 remaining females hardly bother one another and never really have. They both stay at opposite ends of my tank and only come together to be fed! I’m trying to find someone to...