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    Black red cherry shrimp?

    Hi, looking in my pond this morning and one of my red cherry shrimps has turned black! Looks pretty cool, but definitely black compared to the others. I bought 20 reds about 3 months ago. Could this one maybe be born into the pond? The ones I bought were definitely all red
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  8. K

    Eggs or poos??

    They're looking a bit nastier close up, I think I'll syphon in the morning :oops:
  9. K

    Eggs or poos??

    That's my finger too, to show comparison size. Looking at it now it kind of looks like a snail! 😆
  10. K

    Eggs or poos??

    A simple syphon has turned into a symphonic symphony thanks to spell check! 😆
  11. K

    Eggs or poos??

    Interesting replies, thankyou for your opinions :) I did leave it, see what happens. I just hope they're not damselfly/dragonfly larvae! :)
  12. K

    Eggs or poos??

    Hi I’m just about to do a symphony of my pond and I noticed this bunch of tiny black oval things, I’m not sure whether to symphonic them or not. Any idea, could they be poos or eggs? I have cardinal tetras, bumble bee goby’s, red cherry shrimp and a big leopard snail I think it’s called and some...
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  14. K

    My bathtub pond

    You can see the heater behind the left papyrus hidden at the back :)
  15. K

    My bathtub pond

    No, it gets very cold out there. The tub can get to under 10 degrees C, I have to have a heater in there every season but summer :)
  16. K

    My bathtub pond

    What's skating rinks Davros? 😆 Sounds like snails trails? But on top? Is it something to do with hard water?
  17. K

    My bathtub pond

    Thanks Colin, I will do next time :)
  18. K

    My bathtub pond

    My bathtub pond has been running for about 4 years now on my covered verandah. I have cardinal tetras and a neon in there, lots of driftwood and indian almond leaves, they love it!
  19. K

    Infusoria culture not clearing?

    What is Naupli sorry? I do have Hikari first bites, is it similiar? Thankyou
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