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  1. BadBadger

    Green Terror Head Butting The Glass

    Thanks. Good to hear. Is the bump for fighting or attraction purposes?   Haha great characters. It scares the living day light out of me. Just pop my head down to see how there doing and BLAM! Face full of Green Terror   Cheers
  2. BadBadger

    Green Terror Head Butting The Glass

    Hey all,   When my GT's are breeding, and i come up to the glass to see how they are, the male charges head first into the glass. Obviously i move away and leave them to it for a couple of days. But, i'm worried if this will lead to any long term injury? Its happened 6 or 7 times now and he...
  3. BadBadger

    Fluval Mini Pressurised Co2 Kit

    Thanks for your replies. I guess i'll wait and see what other freebies they have on offer. If i had a tank that was 57l, but had more depth and less height, would this system be insufficient? I don't have one like, just interested haha Cheers
  4. BadBadger

    Fluval Mini Pressurised Co2 Kit

    Well it's time for me to renew my subscription to the magazine, and the free gift is a CO2 kit for a 57l tank. Would this be any use at all in my lightly planted 3ft tank? If not i might wait a while..... Cheers
  5. BadBadger

    A Few More Of My Fish

    Beautiful tanks :D What's the common name of them Kribs? Haven't seen them before. Really nice
  6. BadBadger

    One Liner - Quotable Quotes....

    Gandhi- "Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it"
  7. BadBadger

    I'm A Rebel

    :blush: :unsure:
  8. BadBadger

    Name You're Favorite Celebrity

    Henry Blofeld (Cricket Commentator)
  9. BadBadger

    I'm A Rebel

    8. Leave the toilet seat up? Might as well live a little :hyper:
  10. BadBadger

    Growth Of My Green Terror

    Beauty! :) he/she looks the spit of one of mine, whIch I'm thinking is a male. I can't really find anything concrete on sexing them at this size, but from the difference in size and in head shape from the two I've got, I'm guessing male. Hope this helped you a little bit :)
  11. BadBadger

    Which Tank...

    Thanks for the replies Just checking out the budget tank now. Just over 5 foot (63") and bare cabinet for £425. £115 difference without the trimmings and an extra few gallons. If i don't manage to save up enough for new top range filter, heaters and lights i don't mind. As long as the fish...
  12. BadBadger

    Which Tank...

    Just having a look at ND now. Very nice looking tanks! 5ft tank with cabinet is £540 (special offer). Probably about £200 for lights, filter, heaters and 3D background. Does that sound about right? I don't really know what i'm looking for when it comes to lighting. ND directs me to arcadia...
  13. BadBadger

    My Baby Arrows

    Might want to read this mate... :o
  14. BadBadger

    This Time I'm Ready

    Good luck. And give them some privacy will ya :P
  15. BadBadger

    Couple Of Pics Of My L134S

    Beautiful mate :good:
  16. BadBadger

    Which Tank...

    I've definately seen an inch growth in the last month so you might be right. The larger of the two is a good 4 inch at the minute! In the last month i've saved £100 without skinting myself, so i might have to try a bit harder to get there new home here quicker. Thanks for the reply :)
  17. BadBadger

    Which Tank...

    I've been thinking about tanks, filters, stands, heaters for my Juvi GT's (Which will need a new home withing 6 months maybe more). It's going to be in the livving room so i want a tank in good condition with a matching cabinet. So, i've worked out how much i can save a week and it looks like i...
  18. BadBadger

    Need Biotype Help

    Have you had a look at the various kinds of Dwarf Cichlids? Have a google at some of the Apistogramma and see what you think. You could have a nice group of the many tetra found in the Amazon. A nice pleco for the bottom. Sorry but i can't answer your discus question. Also, i think you have...
  19. BadBadger

    What Fish To Get

    The Clown Loaches may get a little bit to big for your tank i think matey. They can get biggg! The stocking you mentioned at the top looks good though :good: EDIT: Spell Check :blush:
  20. BadBadger

    Hull's International Fisheries Instution

    The ground floor, with the cichlid room, is having a lot of work done at the mintue so they've turned off the key card thingy mi bob :good: