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    Have You Seen This!?!

    haha its called noodling
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    Water Hyacinth As Filter?

    But im just saying, an alternative way to filter a tank. Just had an idea reading the abilities of water hyacinth
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    Water Hyacinth As Filter?

    Is it possible to have a tank with a sump, using a high wattage bulbs for plants growth, using the water hyacinth to filter out your water of ammonium, nitrates, nitrates and other unwanted wastes. I understand that they will need to culled and removed on regular basis because they grow so fast...
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    What Kind Of Fish Is This ?

    post in New World cichlids, defiantly not african
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    Senegal Bichir

    I was just wondering, i guess the 7.8-8.0 pH will be considered an extreme. what about a 30g long, its 3ft long by 1ft wide by 18 inches tall. I understand Senegals need the room because of there activeness. I used to have one in a standard 29 gallon till he got caught in the filter because my...
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    Senegal Bichir

    could a Senegal Bichir be kept comfortable in a 55 gallon with African Cichlids? My only concern is honest the ph, the Senegal has the protection from the africans, and this tank wont be stocked with very aggressive africans, just Red Empress, Acei, yellow Labs, dimidochromis compressiceps, and...
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    Alot Of Pics Of My Fish :-)

    Are the dimesions 4'x2'x18"? I live in the US so we don't have certain aquarium names, just the US gallon size and whether its a tall or wide or breeder.
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    Rock Idea

    This guy made a DIY background outta styrofoam and cement sand mix
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    Alot Of Pics Of My Fish :-)

    How big is your tank?
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    Alot Of Pics Of My Fish 2 :)

    the kennyi can change sex if im not mistaken, so if thats the case then the must be switching sex
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    New 55

    IT's bad bc after looking through and searching i have so many possibilities beside just an all male peacock tank, all I know is for a fact I'm keeping my Compressicep Male and Red Empress male
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    New 55

    Hello all, about 2-3 weeks ago i set up an African cichlid tank. I've never tried them before and thought it would be something fun to start, I knew all the basics, lot of rock work, coral or argonite sand/gravel, high ph, more fish = less aggression. And all is going well in all 6 of my fish. I...
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    Moving And Can't Take Fish

    Where abouts in north georgia, my grandmother lives up there, I live in mobile, and i might be able to go up there about thanksgiving time. She lives in elijay
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    Some Of My Fish (Picture Heavy)

    Angels prefer to be in groups too, and your angel doesn't look to be a Scarlare, looks like a Leopoldi actually
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    Can Bristlenose And Clown Pleco's Live In Same Tank?

    Saying that my plecos get along fine, I have both species living compatibly in the same tank, they are fairly young with all of them pushing 2 inches.
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    Large Male Electric Blue Jd

    Its not good to mix to EBJDs together, you need in stead an EBJD and a JD with the blue gene to make EBJDs. the genetics are sketchy, and if crossed straight EBJD to EBJD, will most likely result in some very fragile, deformed JDs
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    Male & Female ?

    What are they, look like huge Keyholes IMO
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    Ram And Krib Fry? O.o

    Impossible, one lives in the amazon, one is Africa, way to far apart, 2 completely different cichlids
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    Can Bristlenose And Clown Pleco's Live In Same Tank?

    I have a 55 gallon, with 2x BN, 2x clown plecos, and 1x bulldog pleco They all get along fine, the BNs are always out, clowns will snuff around in the plants, and the bulldog is rarely seen
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    First Discus Spawn :d

    Another good way to cull fry is feed the fry you notice early on before they are too big, feed to another fish, it is nature so no guilt about it. I know a fish tank isn't nature but if they had fry in tank with other fish, same scenario