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    Help identify this "mystery" snail

    Is this a faucet snail? Bithynia tentaculata.
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    Help identify this "mystery" snail

    Alright, caught the snail again and put him in a small pyrex dish to try and snap better pictures. The letter x in pyrex is about 5mm tall (a bit over 3/16"). I didn't get a good picture of him directly against the letter, but I would say he is a bit smaller, so I'd say 4-5 mm. He very likely...
  3. PXL_20221105_002141748 - Copy.jpg

    PXL_20221105_002141748 - Copy.jpg

  4. PXL_20221105_002027937 - Copy.jpg

    PXL_20221105_002027937 - Copy.jpg

  5. PXL_20221105_001434042.PORTRAIT - Copy.jpg

    PXL_20221105_001434042.PORTRAIT - Copy.jpg

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    PXL_20221105_001438084.PORTRAIT - Copy.jpg

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    PXL_20221105_001549113.PORTRAIT - Copy.jpg

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    PXL_20221105_001638848.PORTRAIT - Copy.jpg

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    PXL_20221105_001706367.PORTRAIT - Copy.jpg

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    PXL_20221105_001806138.PORTRAIT - Copy.jpg

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    PXL_20221105_001811354.PORTRAIT - Copy.jpg

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    PXL_20221105_002131877 - Copy.jpg

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    PXL_20221105_002155665 - Copy.jpg

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    PXL_20221105_002200057 - Copy.jpg

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    Help identify this "mystery" snail

    I thought lymnaeids were called pond snails instead of bladder snails. It doesn't match the description because mine has an operculum and lymnaeid lacks it. Mine also seems to have long slender tentacles. The temperature of my 10 gallon is also at 79*F which seems way too warm for lymnaeid to...
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    Help identify this "mystery" snail

    Did you even read my post or look at the pictures? It is absolutely not a bladder snail. The shell is dextral while bladder snails are sinistral, and it also has an operculum which bladder snails lack. Which is also confirmed from your source. I'm inclined to believe it's not a pond snail...
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    Help identify this "mystery" snail

    Then why does it have an operculum and why is it dextral? Other than having spotting on it, it looks completely different than the bladder snails.
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    raising KH for snails

    I moved Goldie out of this tank and into one of the larger tanks I just set up. Goldie is definitely a male, as he has been mounting all my new mystery snails in the new tank. I guess he was just submissive and let Guppy mount him all the time (and never returned the favor). That would...
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    Help identify this "mystery" snail

    I have an established 10 gallon planted tank with 2 golden mystery snails (both male) and 1 nerite snail, and some fish. I recently was setting up 2 new tanks and ordered some plants from Justin's fish tanks to get them set up. I rinsed off the plants, but did not bleach or quarantine them...
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    IMG_20221104_123345 - Copy.jpg