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    Plants For Sale

    Still available
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    Power Head For Sale

    Power head £10 posted
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    Plants For Sale

    Crypt balansae 2 plants approx 6-8 inches tall £5 posted Crypt balansae large plant 10 leaves approx 18 inches long £10 posted Large amount of moss could make up a few portions, £5 per portion
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    For Sale: Api Test Kits

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    Co2 Regulator And Solenoid (Ipswich Area)

    Hi, is this still available, would you accept £20 all in? Thanks
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    For Sale: Api Test Kits

    3 API Test Kits, Ammonia, Nitrate and Nitrite Age and condition: 12months Quantity for sale: 3 Reason for Sale: No longer required Delivery or Collection: Delivery Sales price: £12.50 Willing to Ship (Yes or No): Yes Postage & Packaging Price: Included Location: Tonteg near Pontypridd...
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    Do My Plants Want Co2?

    co2 grows plants. Light merely accelerates the growth, its a myth to suggest co2 would be wasted in a low light tank
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    Java Fern Trident **more Available**

    Id be interested in £5 portion if still available
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    Manzanita Wood

    Very true
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    Manzanita Wood

    SOLD And for a lot more than £10
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    Manzanita Wood

    £10????? Its not april the 1st is it?
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    Led Aquaurium Light

    UP PRO-L 36cm 12000K LED Hanging Light Brand new in box, never used £30 posted
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    Manzanita Wood

    still available
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    Manzanita Wood

    3 pieces of Manzanita wood, £20 plus postage
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    Various Crypts

    Hi, I've ordered 6 small via your post on ukaps. But the site is down. Can you pm me your payment details Cheers
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    Juwel Rio 240 Tank, Stand, Eheim 2028, Overhead 3x T5, Co2 Reg ++

    interested in the co2 reg if you could post
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    Is This Regulator Fine For Fe?

    How you getting on with the reg?
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    Co2 Setup Ready To Go £70

    Would you sell just the regulator?
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    Co2 Setup Ready To Go £70

    Have you got a pic? What regulator is it?
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    Wanted: Co2 Regulator With Solenoid

    Wanted: co2 regulator with solenoid