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    Lightning Storm

    So 24 hours later and this little guy is still swimming sporadic circles around the tank. He swims until he hits the sides then continues on an almost perfect routine with only slight variation. Even when my plecco came out for the evening right in his route he bumps off the side of the giant...
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    Lightning Storm

    So I did a 17% water change in my 20gal and suddenly my male German Blue Ram is insane. Hes swimming in circles all around the tank really agitated. He even took a bite out of my 6" plecco hiding in his cave many times his size whom he normally leaves alone. His girlfriend a fellow German Blue...
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    More Oxygen Less Disturbance

    Sounds like oxygen does not absorb as efficiently into water since the same small bubble principle does not work at the depths of aquariums. Something I'll have to read more on. I was concerned with oxygen levels when I first began injecting co2 and observed my fish closely. They seem normal...
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    More Oxygen Less Disturbance

    I've looked everywhere for an answer. Maybe I'm just not asking the right questions, but I want to know if it would be a good idea to buy a ceramic disc like the ones used in CO2 setups and hook it up to my air pump to create fine oxygen bubbles that absorb more readily into my water without all...
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    Hello Forum Post - 20Gal Planted

    Hello everybody. I've been lurking as a guest for a few months, learning from all you helpful people, reading old posts and just getting into aquariums as a hobby. Here is my current setup. Theres quite a few pictures of my Blue Rams because they're just so pretty.   The original goal with this...
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