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    When to switch off

    Salt water as in reef tank? Fish only? Live rock and sand? Marine aquariums are far more complicated than the typical freshwater one. The ammount of light yours needs depends on what type of lighting you have, what type of corals you are keeping (if any), how far up they are on your live rock...
  2. J

    How long should a quality heater last?

    I have some 15 year old jagers hanging around this place.
  3. J

    DIY Betta barracks

    The UV sterilizer is a KEY componenent. When you have all these fish sharing the same water, if a single one comes down with a disease, they ALL will. The UV sterilizer is there to help eliminate the spread of disease. I dont think people should ever consider using any type of central filtration...
  4. J

    angelfish growth

    genetics temperature stocking density food etc etc All these will effect growth rate.
  5. J

    rams dying!

    Please dont accuse when you have no idea ;) Discus breed in my water, rams die in my water. Its not the water, its the fish. Please do your research and you will see that rams are one of the most geneticly delicate fishes prone to death for no reason.
  6. J

    bare bottom

    Unless you were using an undergravel filter, you will be fine. Bare bottomed is the way to go ;)
  7. J

    rams dying!

    Unfortunately, more often than not when rams die its not your fault. They are almost impossible to keep alive in my expereience.
  8. J

    rams dying!

    Any idea what your water params are like?
  9. J

    MA Noreaster' Pics

    We got well over 30" down here towards the cape. I hate snow :(
  10. J


    No problems with them. I've shipped them all over the country and have yet to have a problem. In my experince, they are actually one of the more hardy species (especially when compared to guppies) and as such do very well under stressful conditions.
  11. J

    dead: 1 blue ram 2 yellow rams

    Rams have a tendancy to die for no reason. Test the water. If it looks good, theres nothing you can really do. Find another fish is your best choice.....
  12. J

    Types Of Hybrid Fish

    Both Vieja maculicauda, and Vieja hartwegi are pure species. However, vieja hybrids are quite common and often mistakenly sold as pure species.
  13. J

    Steatocranus casuarius

    <24 hours The trio is already acclimating nicely.
  14. DSCF0747.JPG


  15. J

    Steatocranus casuarius

    male, around 4" TL
  16. J

    What do you have pierced ¿?

    I've got 12 guages in both nipples, 8 guages in both ears. I had a frenum (was planning to do a ladder) but it kept stretching until it got really uncomfortable and I had to remove it :(
  17. J

    i think its wild

    No it is not an endler ;) EDIT: The pattern on the top fin gives away away. There is no such pattern found in any strain of pure endler. It is either a wild-type guppy, or a guppy-endler hybird.
  18. J

    angel spawning

    All my angels breed in ph 7.6 water. I doubt your ph is a problem, as long as its stable. First, are you sure you have a proven pair? They have bred before? Together? If you are SURE you've got a proven pair, just follow a good conditioning schedule. Feed thme twice daily with lots of high...
  19. J

    All The Advice I Can Get!!

    Here are two links from my favorites that should help you.... If you've got specific questions, ask away ;)
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