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  1. keenonfish

    Triops! At It Again....

    Very nice pictures razer121 are you going to try a drought period to produce eggs is this even required?
  2. keenonfish

    **What Aquarium Filter Do You Have?**

    UGF for my hex. Original Jewel filter for my main tank.
  3. keenonfish

    Password Protecting Files Or Folders

    You could use a zip program 7zip etc. to pass protect your files. Might want to check how strong ms protection is if important!!
  4. keenonfish

    Dwarf Gouramis

    I have two males in a 180 litre with lots of plants and they do come to blows! Funny to watch too one who has a small nest trots over and nicks moss when the other isn't watching but I was amazed the other week when the underdog took over the bullies home :huh: Stayed like that for two weeks...
  5. keenonfish

    Do Not Watch Itv Now

    So did Jade Goodey :lol:
  6. keenonfish

    Deconstructing 250L Tropical *new Pics 7/2/10*

    Wow, you got a really lovely tank that has matured very nicely good work :good: I love the moss canopy that looks truly stunning mate :D Love the Rasboras too. Could you give us some specs please like tank size, CO2 (I am guessing non :unsure:) etc... Olly.
  7. keenonfish


    Hey TF some lovely shots there not seen the squat armered version before now - very mean looking! Tried keeping these myself once but they all died after about three weeks and not sure why! If you are selling some eggs let me know please wouldn't mind trying again, especially the European...
  8. keenonfish

    I Need An Rcd

    Not sure how one rcd could possibly trip another, unless under fault conditions or having test button pressed. RCD's detect a discrepancy in current (imbalance) between live and neutral and it is impossible for one rcd to unbalance the two phase conductors! If one RCD happens to trip it is...
  9. keenonfish

    My Vision 260L Setup

    You got the bargain of the century with that Vision well done :good: Your Peppered corys look very happy too B-)
  10. keenonfish

    What On Earth Are These Things Coming Out Of My Bn Gill Area?

    That looks pretty awsome! Looks like those hooks are designed to stop your plec entering too far into another fishes mouth ;)
  11. keenonfish

    Finepix S1000Fd

    I have overlooked the focus issue fair enough but I would stand by most everything else I said - there is a lot of noise in that image and things aren't going to improve unless a flash is used IMO. Look at the EXIF data I posted to see why! Also doesn't harm to experiment with ISO at all IMO...
  12. keenonfish

    Finepix S1000Fd

    The problem with your image is noise from a high ISO, some camera shake (and fish more blurred due to movement) and fish is under exposed. You can try a higher ISO which will increase shutter speed (and this is very low btw if you apply the crop factor rule you need at least 1/33" to get a...
  13. keenonfish

    Finepix S1000Fd

    highlight = brightest part of the picture. The sensor of a camera has a much lower dynamic range (difference between dark and light) than our eyes. Normally the camera would automatically set the aperture to control the maximum amount of light that hits the sensor to stop the sensor being...
  14. keenonfish

    What Pond Dechlor Do People Use.....?
  15. keenonfish

    Cat Litter In Fish Tanks?

    Is it ok to put a layer of this stuff on top of gravel and leave as top layer truck or would there be problems with this? Also how you load with minerals?
  16. keenonfish

    How To Kill Your Fish

    But I would never use water as you won't get below freezing point, and IMO there is not the difference in temp for a quick enough end. Vodka as mentioned above will get to ~ minus 20 C before freezing. However I would not use this method for bulky fish as you say - I should imagine a small body...
  17. keenonfish

    I Need An Rcd

    If I remember correctly the latching variety doesn't state clearly whether latching or not but the non latching version does :rolleyes:
  18. keenonfish

    How To Kill Your Fish

    I have had to euthanize twice now and both occasions used Vodka from the freezer. The liquid will not freeze until -22 so IMO it is the quickest method. Anyone who has ever fallen in to frozen water will tell you you go completely numb and go into survival mode - not much time to feel any pain /...
  19. keenonfish

    Can Anyone I.d. This Fry?

    Thanks BigC! Must have netted an egg when catching some shrimp I guess!
  20. keenonfish

    Battery Siphon?

    I simply fill my syphon tube with water at the tap, bent in a u shape with finger over one end take it to the tank, open end into water blocked end to bucket - remove finger and water start flowing immediately. Simple!