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    Vallis, Crypts, Java Fern.

    Hi, I am based in Huddersfield and have a bucket full of the above that have just been removed from my tank. If anybody wants any as a trade, donation or even to be given rather than dispose of them. I am in Huddersfield, please p.m. me or leave a message here. Thanks pjpj
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    Live Dropcam Feed Of My 40 Gallon Community

    Looks good and works great on my BlackBerry Z10. Please don't forget about it and give everyone a free show.
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    Free Nomapgila Stricta Trimmings

    How well does this stand up to being munched on by SAE for example. Is it only as tough as hygrophila polysperma for example. Thanks
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    Plants For Sale

    Did you sell these?
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    Seashell Aquariums

    I think they only sell through Maidenhead Aquatics. Their range is on MA website, or was.
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    De-Nitrification Filter Media

    Is this on a planted tank KirkyArcher?   Just wondering what you are doing regards ferts etc. You can't be using E.I. method.   I've had Biohome installed for about 2 months now so have been waiting till about 4 months before seeing if there has been any changes in levels.
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    Horned Nerite.... Gone?

    They will not breed in freshwater, they need brackish water.   The only thing about Nerites I don't like are the hundreds of white eggs they lay all over the place. No doubt you have seen them. They are very tough eggs too.   I'm not sure but they might be both male and female!? Snails are...
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    Horned Nerite.... Gone?

    It'll be hiding somewhere.   I don't know about anybody else but I have found Nerites to be very social with their own kind. onion-onion, tiger-tiger etc. But not so much tiger-onion etc.   If I have ever seperated them and placed them into other tanks then both sulk, hide and do not eat. Once...
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    Eheim Classic Vs Rena Xp1/xp2 Vs Aqueon Internal Filter

    If you go down the external route i think you will end up insulating the cupboard you keep it in to keep it quiet enough.
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    Reading Api Liquid Test Kits

    What do I do? Furrow my brow, screw my eyes up until they bleed, grind my teeth, trip over and bump into things trying to find the right angle for the 'little' natural sunlight we have in the UK, look to the sky and curse the clouds, ask everybody else for their opinion, search the net for an...
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    Kuhli Loaches With En

    I keep Kuhlis to and don't really see them sifting through sand particularly, at least not deeply. When I had gravel many years ago they did bury themselves in there but oddly not in the sand I have now?! They forage and rummage amongst the base of plants and crevices etc. They are excellent at...
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    Submersible Water Filter With Built-In Air Pump

    Hi,   I'm afraid you are going to have to purchase a separate air pump to feed your bubble ornament. The pump you have there is not suitable for connection to any air stone or ornament.   What you have in the image looks like it might be a water pump for a lid filtration system? The air is drawn...
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    How Do I Lower Tap Water Phosphate

    Rowaphos is effective at lowering Phosphates but it goes into your filter in a sock and reduces the concentration in your tank.
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    External Filter Question

    Don't you find the inhabitants eat the crud within a couple of hours, mine do.   Yes, it's mainly from the pipes as said above.
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    Best Filter For 320Litre Tank?

    I would agree, two filters would be the way to go especially as you have the room. Personally i put the JBL Cristalprofi above the Fluval and Eheims i have owned. The one beauty of the Eheim 2217 is there is no way for the water to get from input to output without going through the media...
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    Filter Media, Sponges And Wool

    If you choose to change out the noodles then only change a handful at a time, many don't bother changing these either but there is a strong argument to say they should be. Micropores getting blocked etc.
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    Why Did Both Tanks Start Clouding Up At Almost The Same Time? Advice?

    To make it clear, there are three (3) test kits you require right now. 1 Ammonia (You already have this) 2 Nitr I te (With an I) 3 Nitr A te (With an A)
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    Why Did Both Tanks Start Clouding Up At Almost The Same Time? Advice?

    Yes, the symptoms you have described and the death that followed are due to the fish being poisoned by their own waste. Ammonia and Nitrite are deadly.
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    Why Did Both Tanks Start Clouding Up At Almost The Same Time? Advice?

    Ah, you have a HOB (Hang on Back) filter. Those filter cartridges are filter floss and carbon. It is good to replace these frequently however, 1. Those cartridges should be removed when dosing with ANY medication, the carbon will absorb the medication and make it ineffective. Carbon is usually...
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    Best External Filter...!

    I've got to agree with 'the bigger the better' sentiment especially if you have plants or intend on planting up.