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  1. J

    What To Feed A Gar

    I don't believe Florida gar could survive our climates unless you know otherwise? so far this winter my outdoor ponds have got down too 5c. there are more and more people getting bigger tanks/ tropical ponds in the UK though. if you know of the range and temps for the Florida gar i would love to...
  2. J

    What To Feed A Gar

    legally we can only keep Florida and Cuban gar here in the UK but yes there is differently a market for them 1ft Florida gar fetches £250 which is $340 us dollars I'm currently looking for someone from the us who can ship me Florida gar over so I can diversify my bloodlines.
  3. J

    What To Feed A Gar

    all my Florida gar eat pellets, whitebait, prawns etc with no problems. Im based in the UK and I spawn my guys once a year iv found raising the babies is interesting as they are strict live food eaters up until a certain point/size after this they are more open to other food options
  4. J

    fang puffer

    Here's a link to the video of my fang puffer he wasn't happy as I had just started his water change
  5. J

    fang puffer

    hi to answer both questions im located at dn10 area happy to deliver for fuel cost and I can try to get some photos but he's not the easiest to take pictures of ill do my best
  6. J

    fang puffer

    i have a niced size fang puffer looking for a new home
  7. J

    Channa Pulcha x 9 for sale

    any chance these are still available
  8. J

    Is this fish a predator

    It is a salvini I have two males my are laid back with other fish but hate each other like to dig too so keep that in mind if your tank is planted Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
  9. J

    Rope Fish Dietary Concern

    I keep two rope fish currently as along as my forearm there favourite food is chopped prawn which you can pick up from the supermarket Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
  10. J

    6 X 2.5 X 2 Tank And Cabinet

    Is this still for sale? Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
  11. J

    Rio 180 Inc stand plus all kit and fish. Free of Charge.

    I'll take it if it's still going I'm.not too fare away Sent from my E6853 using Tapatalk
  12. J

    Aquatic Moss For Sale - Loads

    do you still have any moss left 
  13. J

    Cherry Shrimp 3 For £1

    hi do you have any shrimp left if so could you pm me info for collection as i am also intrested in having some kribs of you cheers john
  14. J

    200+ Super Red Kribensis Young

    would you sell a single male if so how much cheers john
  15. J

    Java Moss For Sale

    do you have any java moss left pm payment details if you have cheers john
  16. J

    250ltr Tank And Cabinet ....(nw)

    is this still for sale cheers john
  17. J

    Pair Of Oscars

    Livestock:oscars Quantity for sale:x2 Reason for Sale:changed the tank Delivery or Collection:collection Sales price:£10 or trade Postage & Packaging: Location:near newark nottinghamshire Photograph: hi i have a juvi pair of oscars im looking for £10 or a trade for community fish looking for a...
  18. J

    Sailfin Plec Free To Good Home

    Livestock:sailfin plec Quantity for sale:1 Reason for Sale:out grown tank Delivery or Collection:collection Sales price:free Postage & Packaging: Location: (Also please put this in the Topic Descripton line of the thread title) Photograph: nice sized sailfin plec free to who ever wonts him im...
  19. J

    800 Litre Fish Tank

    ill take some pictures at the weekend cheers john
  20. J

    Fx5 Filters For Sale

    i can look in to posting think it will cost abit though as there big and heavy. they are both in fully working order