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  1. DRB

    Brown/copper Algae In My Planted Tank

    Thanks a lot for the replies. Tank has been established for about 3-4 Months I would say, so from what you've said it sounds like these Diatoms. Sounds like scraping it off, doing a water change as per usual and waiting it out might be the solution hey?   As for lighting, I use a 60cm LED bank...
  2. DRB

    Brown/copper Algae In My Planted Tank

    G'day all I am quite sure that my problem here is similar if not the same algae to the thread titled "Brown Fuzz", but just to be sure.. This algae seems to be slowly covering EVERYTHING in my tank, and it seems to rot away the leaves of the plants once it really covers them.. Does anyone know...
  3. DRB

    River Bed

    Looks absolutely amazing! 
  4. DRB

    Davids 165L Tropical Aquarium

    Never had any problems between those two at all, only trouble i had was between GBR and Apisto's and i think thats purely because i mightve pushed over the limit of ground dwellers for the cichlids to be relaxed
  5. DRB

    Is It Ok For Mystery Snails To Eat Dead Fish?

    G'day mate a poll might be a bit misleading for you, could get some people voting on health grounds and others on moral and you would have no way of knowing.
  6. DRB

    Plec Growth

    Plecs and Gibbyceps can grow 30cm in a year, so just over 2cm a month.
  7. DRB

    Davids 165L Tropical Aquarium

    Indeed! You'll find no goose stepping Adolf-oi's here 
  8. DRB

    Davids 165L Tropical Aquarium

    Thanks Gidge, I think I did the right thing too.   Here are some picture updates. You can see the original lid with the filter and lighting removed, I cut some acrylic lid pieces to fit perfectly, added a Fluval 206 Cannister Filter that sits in the cabinet underneath and is far quieter and more...
  9. DRB

    Adolfoi And Sterbai

    haha then perhaps I just made it easier?
  10. DRB

    Fish Scraping Themselves Against Substrate

    Hey Snazy thanks for the reply Well 2 days ago I did switch my filter over to a new Fluval 206 (filled it with all the media that was being used, and squeezed out old filter sponges so hopefully no need to cycle again), but that sounds like it could possibly cause those trace level irritants. ...
  11. DRB

    My First Crab !

    Ah righto! They look awesome btw, i wonder if they sell them here.
  12. DRB

    Adolfoi And Sterbai

    Karen get the Sterbai!   You won't be disappointed, I know your excited for the Adolfoi but the Sterbai have the nicest colours on their fins plus their patterns I think are so much more interesting. Plus Adolfoi's remind me of Hitler... so there's always that Con.
  13. DRB

    Black Venezuelas

    Dibble you won't regret getting Corys i recently added some to my community tank and they are by far the smartest decision i've made with that community tank. So chilled out, active as, friendly and not at all shy, and a great help at eating left over food. A huge change from other Cats i've kept.
  14. DRB

    My Budget Tank To Date

    Very tempted to make a DIY CO2 for my planted Shrimp tank (Hell why not for my 165L community too!) but i'd be too worried something could go wrong! Some cheap kits knocking around now like Fluvals, Do you think you can get your DIY one working just as good? Either way i'll be heaps keen to see...
  15. DRB

    My 120 Gallon

    Great looking tank! Love the Angels
  16. DRB

    3Rd Tank Finished

    Nice sized tank for your Betta, love seeing them housed in decent tanks!
  17. DRB

    Le Heavy Planted Shrimp Tank

    Agree with guppy, really natural looking! The cloudy water from the clay can't make it easy to keep track of them lol, but it kind of adds to how natural it looks.
  18. DRB

    What Plants To Get For Amazon Biotope Aquarium

    Great biotype link Mike!
  19. DRB

    My First Crab !

    I read that these Crabs don't really thrive in Freshwater? How do they go with other fish, they don't try and eat them if they go to bottom of tank do they? Hope not!
  20. DRB

    Talk About Tame Clowns

    That's awesome, do they think you have food in your hand or something?