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    Eheim Scubaline 240 For Sale (Nearly New):

    Price dropped to just £250 (remember this is £600 new and only had a few weeks of use)
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    Scleromystax Kronei Or Barbatus

    Hi is anyone breeding these or have any for sale who is either down south or willing to ship at my expense ? (I have polyboxes which I can send to you or you can get one at your LFS for free most times, and happy to advise and arrange the courier).   Thanks.
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    Eheim Scubaline 240 For Sale (Nearly New):

    EHEIM SCUBALINE 240 FOR SALE (nearly new): I have an Eheim Scubaline 240 aquarium and matching cabinet for sale, finished in Walnut with pale cream doors (that have soft close hinges). This tank has been used for less than 2 months in total but I want a slightly bigger one so have decided to...
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    Dragon Stone:

    Thanks Justin :)     Sorry folks this is all SOLD now :)
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    Red Vallisneria Spiralis

    Hi kittykat.  Have sent you a pm if you could get back to me asap that would be great.
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    Dragon Stone:

    Here is a pic I just took.  As you can see its got nice colouration and a good selection of rock sizes.  The ones at the bag are big and heavy and I particularly like the angled one on the right hand side.   Slight miscalculation in weight, lol.  There is just over 25kg in total :)  
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    Bolivian Rams Going Up And Down Tank Walls

    I disagree that it is related to some kind of medical issue.  Normally fish that are affected by flukes etc will flick themselves against a hard surface or the substrate.  Just swimming up and down the glass is like Dr Rob suggests.  Just fishy curiousity :)  My Corys are always playing with...
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    Dragon Stone:

    For those who missed out on Justin's recent sales thread, I have decided to sell my collection too.  There is a nice range of sizes, small medium and large.  I think I probably have about 30 odd kilos as well, and the price will be £25 per box of 10kg plus £10 p&p.  If you want more than 10kg at...
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    Half Price Practically New Rio 300 (350L Model With Two Light Units)

      No forgiveness needed :)  You can make amends by buying the tank if you like ;)  Id even go down o £350 if you really wanted it :)
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    Half Price Practically New Rio 300 (350L Model With Two Light Units)

    Location in original post :)  Yes it includes the cabinet and the colour is dark wood (IMO the smartest of the juwel colours).
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    Half Price Practically New Rio 300 (350L Model With Two Light Units)

    ***PRICE REDUCED***PRICE REDUCED***   NOW ONLY £375 for a £750 setup !!! THATS HALF PRICE !!!   Equipment make/model/size:    Juwel Rio 300 (latest model) with filter, heater, lights, cabinet plus extras Quantity for sale:                         just the one ;) Reason for Sale:                ...
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    Problem With Bolivian Rams!

    Would be nice to see a pic of this tank.  It sounds a great size :)  Hope you are gonna fill it with plenty more dwarf cichlids :)
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    Substrate Compatability

    Hi   I am thinking of setting up an Apistogramma tank.  It will not be biotope correct as I am thinking of having it as a hi tech tank.  I do, however, want to go with sand as a substrate, but I also want to have something nutritious under the sand for the plants to get a good start (will add...
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    Mixed Box Of Mini Landscape And Dragon Rock

      No worries I have found 25kg of mini landscape rock for £39 posted on ebay
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    Mixed Box Of Mini Landscape And Dragon Rock

    Hi mate, I have tons of dragon rock but am interested in the other.  Are you happy to split ?
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    Fissidens Fontanus Moss **sold**

    Hi mate, whats the best way to attach this to wood please ? I have some on the way from you and want to get the right stuff to do the job, cheers.
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    Fissidens Fontanus Moss **sold**

    Hi I will take a double portion at that price please.  Will PM you now.
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    Wild Caught Corydoras Concolor X 4 (Sussex)

    Livestock:                     Corydoras Concolor Quantity for sale:          4 Reason for Sale:           Not going to fit in with new aquarium plans Delivery or Collection:  Up to you, at your cost/risk Sales price:                   £15 ono Postage & Packaging:  Depends on your requirement...
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    Cycle Stuck In Nitrite Stage

    I would be inclined to give your filter a kick start and ask your LFS if you can put a small media bag of bio media into their filter system.  It will pick up a nice load of bacteria in no time.  Bring it home in a small container with their water too.  Rinse it in the water you have in the...