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    How to rehome fish?

    Where do you go to rehome fish when you're not friends with any aquarists and your local fish store isn't trustworthy?
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    Explain this weird anomaly in my tank please...

    My best guess would be reflections from your fish's eyes. Kind of like when cat owners just see two glowing orbs in the shadows at night.
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    How to keep new pleco fed in an algae-less tank?

    I have a tall 55-gallon tank that's been spotless since I got it, with the help of a Chinese algae eater (named Nuts). There's not enough algae that grows to feed him properly, but my tank is full of cone snails that live in the sand and he snacks on those too, which is fine by me. I never...
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    Suitable home for rescued rainbow shark a last?

    I was convinced to get juvenile rainbow sharks in my first tank as a kid in either a 30 gallon or a 40 long by my dad and the pet store employee, and they ate ALL of my peaceful fish. They were the last species standing. I think it traumatized me a bit, and that may be the reason others are also...
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    Early stages of disease, stress, or something else?

    I forgot to add, but there are no visual symptoms of disease. Gills are a normal color, moving at a normal pace, normal colors and translucency, no unusual spots or bloating, eyes are normal, fins are intact.
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    Early stages of disease, stress, or something else?

    Since I set my 55-gallon freshwater aquarium up about 2-3 weeks ago, I've heard occasional splashing overnight. However, yesterday and today I've caught my dalmation mollies acting strange and I suspect it may have been them that I was hearing. What inspired me to write this post was my fish...
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    fishless cycle may be going wrong

    (Disclaimer: I'm a novice to the hobby, I got my first tank a week ago and have been learning as I go, though I'm an avid researcher and always check my sources for reliability. I do not know everything, I'm just doing my best.) From what I know about the nitrogen cycle, there's two main...
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    Potential emergency? Freshwater tank with high Ammonia

    Background: two days ago I did a large percentage water change and pretty thorough gavel vac and immediately after the ammonia levels were almost at zero, so I waited until 5:00pm yesterday to change the water. (Normally I start around 10:00am-12:00pm.) However, I noticed that some of my fish's...
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    What fish would you like to eventually keep?

    In an ideal world, I would absolutely LOVE to keep a few ropefish and/or bichirs. More realistically, I would also love to get black ghost knife fish, a dojo loach, and as common of a species as they are, I honestly would love to have a large school of mollies because I fell in love with their...
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    Potential emergency? Freshwater tank with high Ammonia

    Thank you, all of you, for helping me out so much. I apologize for any seemingly defensive or put-off responses to gentle reminders that my fish would probably be better off with different tankmates, I 100% agree and want to look to rehome the cichlids, loach, and catfish ASAP. I've never had to...
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    Potential emergency? Freshwater tank with high Ammonia

    I just did another water change, around 60-75%, and tested the water immediately afterwards. I treated the water with seachem prime again, as well as quick-start, so at least that's partially detoxifying the ammonia that's being read by the test, but I know there's no such thing as non-toxic...
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