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  1. faildeadly

    Getting Rid Of Tank Lid

    I hate my tank lid. It just looks rubbish. I love the open top tank look and want to look at getting a clip on light for the tank rather than the in-hood one I have just now. Thing is, if I do, how do I hide all the wires coming out from the top of the tank? Is there a way or do I just have to...
  2. faildeadly

    Lego City Of Atlantis Tank Rescape

    Thanks for the link GV. :)
  3. faildeadly

    Star Wars Tank - Updated

    Background is just a custom printed A2 gloss poster from Ebay. I found a swampy looking picture and faded the colours out. I'm not happy with it though, I cocked up the colours so once there are actually fish in it, I'll get a new one made up.
  4. faildeadly

    Star Wars Tank - Updated

    Would a lack of light not help keep algae away??
  5. faildeadly

    Star Wars Tank - Updated

    So 'Dagobah' is still cycling but I had to move the tank last weekend so used that opportunity to make a few adjustments I had planned. This is still unfinished. Theres lots more planting to do, but I didn't want to throw my cycle out with loads of plants straight off. Yoda was in the tank...
  6. faildeadly

    Where Have My Nitrates Gone?

    I'm using API Master Kit
  7. faildeadly

    Where Have My Nitrates Gone?

    So my cycle is nearly complete. Nitrites and Ammonia both dropping to zero in 24 hours over the last 2 days. However, my nitrates have dropped to from 40ppm to 5ppm. The tank has some java fern, java moss and a crypto in there. I also spotted some snails this morning which I have promptly...
  8. faildeadly

    Have You Seen Yoda?

    So I had to move my tank at the weekend which meant emptying it. During this process, my beloved Yoda (which cost me a whole £5 from Ebay) has gone missing. I can only assume 'The Master' did not approve of his dwellings. I have rectified this by providing him with his very own hut (as on...
  9. faildeadly

    Star Wars Tank

    Still cycling sadly. Had to move the tank too due to massive vibrations from the washing machine which has slowed things down. Still very plant light due to cycle but I have a very cool idea for another addition. I'll keep you updated. :)
  10. faildeadly

    Day 24 Cycle

    *Georgie accent "Day 24 in the Star Wars Tank..." Currently processing 2.0ppm in around 36 hours. Nitrites and Nitrates now both off the chart. pH: 7.8 (controlled with Bicarb of Soda otherwise falls back to 6.4) Temp: 82 - 86F Has been this way for about 8 days now. Is it now just a case of...
  11. faildeadly

    Common Plec Rehome

    She got it from her lfs, when it closed down!
  12. faildeadly

    Common Plec Rehome

    So my friend is moving and I've finally convinced her that her tank is far too small to house a common plec which she is now looking for a new home for. Not sure of its age, but its betweenn 20 - 30cm in size. She's not looking for anything for it, but ideally would prefer someone to collect...
  13. faildeadly

    Homebase Ammonia Concentration?

    +1, I have the newer packaging version, its 9.5%.
  14. faildeadly

    Losing Confidence In My Ability To Read Test Results

    OK. These are my test results from my cycle this morning. I think the figures are as follows: Ammonia - 0.5 (although this actually looked like 0.25 off camera) Nitrite - 5.0 Nitrate - 40 If these do seem correct, the maths doesn't add up... somehow between yesterdays results and todays, my...
  15. IMAG05821.jpg


  16. faildeadly

    Enough Surface Agitation?

    Princessepoet, the outflow of the filter should be at or just below the surface of the water. This should cause the water to ripple which will help oxygen exchange. The air pump will also help.
  17. faildeadly

    Can Anyone Read These Results?

    So following on from my thread yesterday about how easy it is to read test results when you take a picture of them, I now have egg on my face. Anyone want to take a guess as to what the results for these tests are? If I was guessing I would say: Ammonia - Between 0.5 and 1.00 Nitrite - 2.0...
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  19. faildeadly

    Analysing Test Results With Camera

    As a newbie, Ive been struggling trying to match up my water test results with the card, but stumbled across this idea... I was taking a photo of my test originally to post on here as I was confused as to what the actual results were. It was then I relaised that the camera was taking a lot of...
  20. faildeadly

    What Is Happening To My Cycle?

    Have done a 95% water change and redosed Ammonia to 2ppm. My readings now show: pH: 7.8 NH3: 2.0ppm NO2: 0.25ppm NO3: 5.0ppm I'll test again later on tonight and see what change there has been. Scottish water = soft as a fluffy cloud.