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    How To Humanely Put Down A Dwarf Gourami?

    Oh god.... o.o Sorry about that :/
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    How Many And What Fish

    Im guessing its a 55gal since they are the most common tanks by 48. Im not sure on my measurments ethier so i can be very far off :P
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    How To Humanely Put Down A Dwarf Gourami?

    Im not sure if this will work with fish but when i kept geckos the best way to put on down was to stick it in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge. Im not sure if this will work with fish however im hoping some one can verify. The clove oil sounds like a good idea to me
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    20 Gallon Planted Journey

    Love the dojo/weather loach poking out there :P
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    Goldfish Tank Trouble

    Ok well its good that he's going to go to a bigger pond but does the pind have any fish in it? i dont think just one fish will be enough to die from ammonia posioning since its a whole pond. I dont know how cold it gets where you live but i highly doubt it will be cold enough to kill your...
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    Filmy White Stuff On Surface Of Water

    does it looks like almost a oil? if not a picture would be nice. but if it does thats most likely protien. its really harmless ugly but harmless. the reason you have it as you guessed is becuase you dont have a filter on. to get rid of it all you need is ethier a filter or some way to get the...
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    More Goldfish Advice.

    wow seems like trouble :/ i freak out if i just see one person in my backyard....
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    More Goldfish Advice.

    I dont know how long you can keep them in there before they outgrow the tank but why not an outdoor pond? These are colwater fish after all and i've some of mine go through some pretty cold temps in the winter. Im not sure how deep the pond will have to be though but mines a bit more than 2 ft deep.
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    Newbie Needing Advice

    For plants your gravel should on be fine. For equipment you will need the proper lighting and ferts. I belive there is a article about lightingon this forum. You really don't need CO2 unless you want your plants to get stronger growth and to help with the algae. As for fertilizers i really dont...
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    What Is This Fish?

    I agree it looks to be a hillstream loach. But im not sure i would like a better picture from an anhle were i can see its side or top
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    Fishnet Tights To Attach Moss

    For some reason this made me giggle... Well im sure it would be fine as i have used stocking to hold filter media and such.
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    Good Fish Food

    Flakes arent bad but a more varied diet is better than just flakes every day (blanched vegiies, shrimp, bloodworms, etc)
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    Need Help Identifying Some Of My Fish - Video

    I dont know much about chiclids im afraid but thay whiteish looking eel fish with the "spikes" i think its a sengal birchir not 100% but i do know its a birchir
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    What "big" Fish Can We Put In Our 36 Gallon?

    I woulf think a gourami would make a nice "center peice" since your tank is mostly smaller fish. Like others said if you want a bigger fish you will need to rehome some fish
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    Yellow Panchax Killifish

    You should be able to keep them. I remeber mine they are really fun fish :)
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    Electric Blue Ram Help!

    Well i would say dont get them until you are 100% done with cycling ive never kept rams my self but to lower nirates you could get a couple of low light plants. I mean a couple will definatly help but you are going to need ti stuff the tank with plants to really keep the nirates at zero. Alot of...
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    Losing A Best Friend

    So today i lost my favorite fish one who i considered a best friend. This fish has been with me from the begining and was the first fish i got when i really got into the hobby. I raised this guy from a baby all the way to an adult. I know it may be strange to call a fish your one of your best...
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    3.5 Gallon Stocking Suggestions

    I think you might be able to keep most shrimps
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    Can I Keep Discus?

    Well as for the water changes i really dont need too becuase since it is a planted tank (low tech) my nirates are always zero. So i can get away with the top offs :P
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    Can I Keep Discus?

    I was wondering if i could keep discus. I have a moderatly planted 55 gallon with 4 rainbows 2 madagascan rainbows and 2 thread fins. I also have 3 angelicus botia loaches 3 kuhli loaches and a farlowella. I usualy do only top offs but i would be willing to do 50%s every week if it is...