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  1. fishiwishes

    My Photography

    They're very pretty, great job!
  2. fishiwishes

    October 2014 - Pet Of The Month Winner

    Oooh, it's so pretty! Congratulations Gidge!!
  3. fishiwishes

    October 2014 - Tank Of The Month Winner

    I love your tank, congrats!
  4. fishiwishes

    Could Someone Please Tell Me How Far Along She Is? :)

    I put my guppies in a separate tank when they're about to give birth.
  5. fishiwishes

    Guppy Fry Journal

    Mine don't always have gravid spots, it usually takes at least a week until I see any. How long does it usually take for yours to mature?
  6. fishiwishes

    Guppy Fry Journal

    The newest batch of fry are now ten days old,:) and they're already starting to develop some spots! I think I even saw a couple of gravid spots! YAY!
  7. fishiwishes

    Breeding Guppys And Sword Tails

    Swordtail guppies are just guppies with a sword like point on their tail. I don't think that they're a cross between a swordtail and a guppy.
  8. fishiwishes

    Guppy Fry Journal

    Wow, that's a lot! I haven't had that many before, I think I have somewhere around 30-40 right now. They are doing great, thanks! :)
  9. fishiwishes

    Guppy Fry Journal

    Guppy fry! She had another batch of fry just two days ago, so now I have more babies! YAY! Here are some pictures! Sorry for the bad quality.
  10. 20141001_145525.jpg


  11. 20141001_173035.jpg


  12. 20141001_173035.jpg


  13. fishiwishes

    Guppy Fry Journal

    Had a few guppy fry born today, and I've got more on the way, so I figured I would start a journal about their lives. I currently have nine newborn fry and three fry that are 2.5 months old. They are all housed in a five gallon tank, along with the newborns' mother who hasn't finished giving...
  14. fishiwishes

    Lolobunnz's - New Era

    Love love love Scorpa!
  15. fishiwishes

    Male Guppy Won't Leave My Pregnant Female Alone?

    Here's a pic of the female, from today. When do you guys think she's do?
  16. 20140826_202031.jpg


  17. fishiwishes

    Male Guppy Won't Leave My Pregnant Female Alone?

    Okay, thank you. I will see about moving him to a separate tank.
  18. fishiwishes

    Fancy Guppy & Molly Fry

    I would leave it there until all of the fry are large enough to not slip into the inlet holes. By then they should also be strong enough to not get sucked against it.
  19. fishiwishes

    Male Guppy Won't Leave My Pregnant Female Alone?

    Hi guys, I just got a new female guppy from the local pet store, the lady said she was about to pop. After getting her accustomed to the tank, I let her in. But now my male guppy won't leave her alone. How do I get him to stop?