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  1. Silvermist80

    Help with Sunfish and Bluegill

    I am working on getting gravel for these guys. The biggest bags I can get are 5 lbs, which is ridiculously small for a 100 gallon tank. My local pet stores don't have much in stock. So I have to get a little each time I go and wait for them to restock. Supply chains still suck and inflation...
  2. Silvermist80

    Do not use anti-biotics unless you know what the problem is.

    So I am a trained Vet Tech and I had to learn extensively about anti-biotics. They do have a place in medicine, but with that being said, the real danger with them comes from NOT FINISHING THE FULL TREATMENT. Colin is correct, there is Gram Negative and Gram Positive bacteria. Even as...
  3. Silvermist80

    Green Sunfish Needs Help

    Well... now he's got a patch of white fuzz on his gill, so I think he's got a fungal infection. He's got white growth all over. Time to pull out the salt and/or meds. I've never added salt to Bluegill before though. 🤔
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  6. Silvermist80

    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    That's terrible a plant took out your whole tank. I learned the hard way to never buy their fish anymore either. I've had a very rough time with mail order fish. Probably because I live in Colorado and either our hot summers or freezing cold winters will kill them. The USPS isn't so great at...
  7. Silvermist80

    Green Sunfish Needs Help

    When I first put him back in last night he was on his side. Today he was swimming normal, but hiding in a corner of the tank, so made it hard to see his damaged side at first. So I moved him to a quiet 10 gallon to recover by himself with lots of fake plant cover (I don't do live plants in my...
  8. Silvermist80

    Green Sunfish Needs Help

    It's actually not with Bluegill, it is legal to take them out of the wild and keep alive or dead because they are considered a bait fish. I did my research.
  9. Silvermist80

    What to do if your fish gets sick

    Just FYI, 20 litres is roughly 5 US Gallons if you don't want to have to Google it. Wish we'd just switch to Metric :rolleyes:
  10. Silvermist80

    Green Sunfish Needs Help

    It's a total just Bluegill tank. A 100 gallon. He's in a 10 gallon hospital tank currently so the other fish don't bother him. I should say a Sunfish tank though because I have Bluegill, some hybrids, and a few Sunfish. All the same family of fish though. He swims ok and seems to be mostly...
  11. Silvermist80

    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    That sounds about right. If I ever buy fish from them again, which is highly doubtful, those fish would be in a quarantine tank for awhile!
  12. Silvermist80

    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    Who the hell has a 5 gallon saltwater tank??? It could be done I suppose, but I see no purpose in that at all! Not even sure what fish you'd put in it! ????
  13. Silvermist80

    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    That might be true lol, but who knows, maybe someone on here likes Petsmart/Petco 🤭
  14. Silvermist80

    Unpopular Opinions (fish related)

    So Petsmart and Petco employees have horrible advice. I was told Gold Barbs would do  fine with guppies. They werent  fine, it was a catastrophe and I had to set up a tank just for the 10 Gold Barbs to be by themselves. They even go after Cory Cats and Algae Eaters. Just like Tiger Barbs...
  15. Silvermist80

    Green Sunfish Needs Help

    I added 2 more photos, hopefully they're showing up. At first I thought he was just sloughing off his scales from drying out on the floor, but looking down on him it looks like some white growth around the edges. So I don't know if it's my original theory of him sloughing or if there's an...
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  18. Silvermist80

    Cories Panting - At a loss!

    Hello! Sounds like you've had one heck of a time! Normally I wouldn't recommend homing anything with Bettas. There's constant debate on this on both sides, but in my long experience they have never done well with other fish... they tend to be too aggressive and chase anything that they think...
  19. Silvermist80

    Green Sunfish Needs Help

    Hello all, I had a Green Sunfish (close relative to a Bluegill) jump out of my 100 gallon and wound up on the floor for a bit. I don't know how long he was out, but when I picked him up, he moved. I put him back in immediately and added some Stress Coat and Stress Guard. He looks to be doing...
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