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  1. Fizzy77

    How Do I Bread Siamese Fighter..   Just google it :D
  2. Fizzy77

    Are My Gouramis Male Or Female?

    Yes you have a male (top) & female (bottom), males are brighter colored and have longer dorsal (top fins) , females are generally a duller colour (not bright) and will usually have a more rounded appearance and shorter/smaller dorsal fins :)
  3. Fizzy77

    Small Has Dissapeared!

    Hi   So I have a pair of Julidochromis marlieri (M&F) and last night about an hour after I did my weekly water change Small (that's the male) had disappeared, didn't think much of it as they are always hiding up.   I turned the tank light off for a few hours while we watched a movie, after the...
  4. Fizzy77

    Best/cheapest Way To Make A Background?

    To be honest I don't know, a craft store like HobbyCraft or Baker Ross or maybe diy places B&Q, Homebase etc might be worth a try. If you have a decent lfs you could ask there :)
  5. Fizzy77

    Makes Me Sad To See These

    oh dear! poor fishies in that hideous tank!
  6. Fizzy77

    Shrimp Safe List

    Thanks for this I've been looking for this kind of list :D
  7. Fizzy77

    Best/cheapest Way To Make A Background?   Just google diy rock background fish tank
  8. Fizzy77

    What Sand/base For Cichlids?

    I just used play sand from my local garden centre in my 4ft tank, it does get into my filters but it doesn't block thm up, I used Swell Aquarium Sand  ( in my little tank and that doesn't seem to...
  9. Fizzy77

    Guppy With Torn Fins

    Hi, you said you don't have a test kit because they don't sell them there?Your profile says your in the UK so I am quite surprised you can't get one, if your lfs doesn't sell them you can buy them easily online from amazon, eBay or places like (<-- they do free delivery on...
  10. Fizzy77

    $10 Black Ghost Knife, Free Mollies And Cherry Barbs, San Jose Ca

    I think you need to use this when you make a sales thread
  11. Fizzy77

    Which Corys Do You Have?

    Pandas are so cute, I have bronze corys and 1 little albino, buying 6-12 pygmy/dainty corys for my shrimp tank in a few weeks
  12. Fizzy77

    My Paddlefish

    Absolutely stunning! How big is she?
  13. Fizzy77

    Are My Guppies Pregnant?

    If they aren't they will be soon, if you don't want your guppies to breed you should keep only males (cuts out the worry of buying pregnant females!!) They do look pregnant
  14. Fizzy77

    Shrimp And Baby Tank

    Lovely tank, great shot of the shrimp makes me more excited about getting mine in a few weeks :D
  15. Fizzy77

    Cycling Using Interpet New Aquarium Start Up Kit

    I would have a read through the threads here:
  16. Fizzy77

    Yet Another Community Fish Recommendation Thread...

    You need to bump up the amount of danios ,Tetras and  Glass Catfish you have as they all need a shoal of 6 or more, I would research the others as you may need to bump those up aswell.   If you have 2 x common plecs then they can get up to and over 1 foot in length and Bala/Silver Sharks get...
  17. Fizzy77

    Gold Gourami Breeding Urgent Help

    first is male second is female imo. Dorsal fins are generally shorter and a more rounded shape on females, males are longer and a more pointed shape.
  18. Fizzy77

    Buying Online?

     I have used a few different retailers for bog wood/plants/food/filters, all these I have been happy with.   For live fish/invertebrates always make sure you check their policies for dead on arrival and how they will package and deliver the fish/invertebrates.   eBay is a good place to look for...