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  1. AmyStroodle

    Pregnant Sword Tail

    I think my female sword tail is pregnant. Sorry if this is a silly question but is there anything special I need to do for them? Like not do a water change? Leaving the light on less/more? Feeding them baby fish food? (Wow I'm a noob)    Will they get sucked into my filter? D:
  2. AmyStroodle

    Meet Spyro + 2.

    This is the my new fighting fishy Spyro. :) As well as a male and female sword tails that are yet to be named. Think the female is heavily pregnant too! (Can't get a good picture of them)
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  5. AmyStroodle

    My Planted 75 Gallon :)

    I only ever tried taking pictures with my iPhone aha and that takes too long to focus. :|
  6. AmyStroodle

    My Planted 75 Gallon :)

    The big yellow fish looks great! How do you take pictures like that of them? D: They never stay still for me. >.<
  7. AmyStroodle

    My Gold Fish :)

    He looks super fancy. :D
  8. AmyStroodle

    Yellow Growth On Tank Filter - What Is It?

    That looks scary and infectious. 0.0
  9. AmyStroodle


    Welcome! Pretty tank you've got there. :]
  10. AmyStroodle

    R.i.p Fabio

    Oh I wasn't getting snappy with you or anything. :] I'm new to this and it's frustrating every things dying when the water seems to be fine all the time. :[   Lost £20 worth of fish/plants now. =/
  11. AmyStroodle

    R.i.p Fabio

      It was 0.25 if that and only for half a day. That was the day I got the fish.   Fish lived happily for 7 days before it died and the water never changed from all 0's.
  12. AmyStroodle

    February 2014 - Fish Of The Month Entries

      Oh my 0.0 What fish are they!
  13. AmyStroodle

    Last Film You Saw Thread

    At the cinema: The Hobbit Part 2 and meh ... I personally got a bit bored. They should of made 1 film and stuck to the book.   Film at home: "Legion" It's got a great idea to it and could of been so much better! It's alright to watch but has a predicatble end.
  14. AmyStroodle

    I Love To Draw :)

      Aha! Don't do anything you're good at for free. ;) Unless it's a gift maybes. =p
  15. AmyStroodle

    His Fins Split!

    My beta used to let himself get sucked against the filter intake when the light was off because it's near the top of the water and holds him there. Fortunatly for me it didn't damage him.
  16. AmyStroodle

    R.i.p Fabio

      Tested every other day (I'll tell you the exact levels when I get in but they were all the lowest), haven't done a water change yet (Was planning on doing a 25% water change at the weekend), only the nitrite level has ever moved and it only moved 1 up. (went back to normal within 12 hours)  ...
  17. AmyStroodle

    Meet Fabio

      :[ He ended up getting caught up in a plastic plant I had and died. :'[   Going to have a rearrange of it, take out the plastic plant and try again.
  18. AmyStroodle

    Fish Acting … Fishy.

    My fish ended up getting stuck in plastic plant I had and drowned/paniced himself to death. :[ Wonder if my next Betta will sit where poor Fabio used to sit. 0.0