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  1. fishyfish22

    50g planted tank

    all neons and thank you !
  2. fishyfish22

    50g planted tank

    spider wood, it always looks amazing and perfect to stick plants onto
  3. fishyfish22

    50g planted tank

    Ah okay thank you, I've had these same neons for over a year now they've been with me for both of the tank upgrades I've done and have never died on me except for one, but other than that they've been very hardy so I don't think I'll have an issue with them as they've been going strong and seem...
  4. fishyfish22

    50g planted tank

    Thank you! I soak the wood in a tub of water for 2 weeks before adding it into the tank, mostly to make sure it will fully sink when I add it in but it also reduces the staining. For the first few weeks after adding the wood the water usually goes a little yellow but after a few water changes it...
  5. fishyfish22

    New Betta

    This is Dijon (mustard gas half moon male betta) how gorgeous I’ve had him for around a month now! Got him after losing my beloved first betta Brutus
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  7. fishyfish22

    50g planted tank

    Finally almost finished my 50 gallon planted community tank! I’m going to get some carpeting plants and some shorter ones to fill in the sides but for now I think it’s pretty much how I want it, plus when the plants grow a bit more and fill out it will look better! any thoughts or advice? I’m...
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  9. fishyfish22

    Unknown algae growth

    Over the past month or so there has been this very long stringy algae growth and I’m not sure what it is. It grows very fast and always comes back within a few days of me clearing it out. Is it safe for the fish? My tank is around 4 months old , 50 gallons, I fully cycled and slowly transitioned...
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  12. fishyfish22

    Sick Guppy

    I wouldn’t know. I got her maybe 3-4 months ago as an adult. I also have another guppy I bought with her that likely came from the same spawn as they were identical. All of my other guppies are home bred and around 5-6 months old.
  13. fishyfish22

    Sick Guppy

    All live plants
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  15. fishyfish22

    Sick Guppy

    Yes I was treating both the main tank and the smaller tank I put the sick guppy in, sadly she passed away yesterday though.
  16. fishyfish22

    Sick Guppy

    Thank you lots for your reply, I'm starting treatment today in the main tank and put the sick guppy in a smaller quarantine tank just to keep an eye on her progress and also so if she passes I can find her easily. One of my platies is sadly seeming a little less energetic than usual so I'm...
  17. fishyfish22

    Sick Guppy

    One of my guppies looks very sick, her spine is bent and she looks thin and she has some kind of stringy material coming out of her (worms?) All of my other fish seem completely healthy lively and normal. I only noticed it yesterday so I did a 50% water change and tested the water (everything is...
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