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  1. prairiefire86

    Pleco Id... Red Pleco?

    Sorry for the wait. Finally got somewhat decent pictures. What do you all think?
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  5. prairiefire86

    Bamboo Shrimp All Turn Red. Why?

    Yes it is a community tank. Not fully stocked. I have a water dragon which lives above the tank and once in a blue moon takes a swim. I'll have to look into the suggestions.
  6. prairiefire86

    Pleco Id... Red Pleco?

    Ill have to get a better picture. Sorry.
  7. prairiefire86

    My Paddlefish

    I would suggest you quickly get some flow going. As well as some open swimming space. I re looked at your pictures and from seeing these guys in their native habitat as well as the museum tank I can tell you they are almost constantly filtering. They have their "gill basket" and mouths...
  8. prairiefire86

    My Paddlefish

    The National Mississippi River Museum in Dubuque Iowa has a tank full of these guys(at least the local species) The local species of Paddle Fish (looks exactly like yours ) live in the Mississippi. They run local undammed Rivers in the spring (the Cedar River and Iowa Rivers) probably are in...
  9. prairiefire86

    Redtail Catfish Tail Color

    Was it that color when you bought it? Some dealers have crosses with shovel nosed and I've seen them look exactly like your typical redtail even to the point that we've had to label them as "your guess as good as ours" because we ordered a redtail and a hybred at the same time and so happened...
  10. prairiefire86

    My New Silver-Tipped Sharks

    Does anyone have a good website for researching these guys? I have found very little info on them when I was considering what to put in my tank. I decided against them on the little info I found but one day.... lol
  11. prairiefire86

    Marble Lancer Catfish

    We had some marble cats at a store I worked at last winter. They came in mostly about 6-8 inches considered a large on the order form. We also got in 2 XL they were easily 10 inches inches. Beautiful! I think they still have a couple if you live in eastern Iowa. Unfortantly they did not have...
  12. prairiefire86

    Pleco Id... Red Pleco?

    Hi, Traded some baby commons for this pleco a few months back. The store owner only knew it as a red pleco. It has a pinkish color. Not a lot of info for reds. Its about 8 inches now. Sorry the picture is dark. Its not a common sailfin. Seen plenty of those to know. What do you think... or do...
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  14. prairiefire86

    My Clown Plec

    I have a variety of plecos in my tank. I am addicted. I have a 180 gallon. Luckily I mine for a while had a hiding spot I could see into. He was easily disturbed by other plecos quick to do the tail wag. He was also very nocturnal and never clung to anything like the glass. Mostly just ate plant...
  15. prairiefire86

    Newbie Up North

    Wow! Awesome. Welcome from another new person on this forum
  16. prairiefire86

    Common Pleco Laying Eggs Pics

    Thanks. I want to complain about having to always dig out the babies sort of destroys my setup getting to them plus they pop a lot lol. But I think its pretty cool and lucky so I guess I shouldn't:) I'll get pics tonight of the male and find my pics of babies.on my phone so don't have access to...
  17. prairiefire86

    Greetings From Iowa. Hope I Am Doing This Right.

    I figured I would share a pic of my water dragon laying one of her eggs. In addition my water dragon breeding I have had luck with some fish breeding in my tank before the meltdown I mentioned in my first post. This includes common plecos (I posted more info about this experience in the catfish...
  18. prairiefire86

    Common Pleco Laying Eggs Pics

    Hi, I have accidentally breed my common plecos for a about a yr now in my 180 community tank. (Go figure my commons would multiply but no luck with my bristle noses lol) the tank is a 180 gallon planted. They do not use a cave. They just have a area behind my drift wood they dig out. Its sort...
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