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    Possible parasite?

    That’s great news, thank you! They’re my first females so this is new to me.
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    Possible parasite?

    I just got another betta a few weeks ago and noticed a white substance right in front of her lower fin, on her belly, when I got her. It’s there while she poops, her poop appears segmented but brown. She’s from PetSmart in a split 20 gallon with another female I got at the same time. they had a...
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    Desperate for help - mass burst on dwarf gourami

    UPDATE: Here is a picture of Riptide- he is looking and acting phenomenally. I did daily water changes and changed from melafix to polyguard. I have levamisole and Flubendazole and will be starting treatment for the cammalanus worms within the next few days just incase they’re any left.
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    Desperate for help - mass burst on dwarf gourami

    Thank you for your reply. It does look horrible :( I have no idea how he appears normal in every other way. I did determine one of the things he expelled somehow was a worm but I am unsure if it was from that wound as I didn’t see that specific one exit him. I couldn’t find much if anything on...
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    Desperate for help - mass burst on dwarf gourami

    Thanks for the reply. I did do a dose of prazipro on Sunday and again on Wednesday. Maybe that's why the mass burst?
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    Desperate for help - mass burst on dwarf gourami

    Ok, thank you for your reply. I was thinking it was poop because that’s the color of the food. Now I’m not so sure as it’s been hanging off him for a few hours at this point.
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    Desperate for help - mass burst on dwarf gourami

    I am in desperate need of help. Our favorite fish, a dwarf gourami, is in a hospital tank and in dire need of treatment or euthanasia. He had been showing signs of some kind of spots all over for a few months. No treatments of ich worked and no other fish in the tank had any of his...
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    Major tank issue - sickness of some sort

    Thank you for all your advise! Here are pictures of the neons. The one has the spot on mouth and back fin. The other swims slanted but isn’t in the picture. So am I only to use salt and garlic guard, plus heat? Should I add back my chemical filters? I have had only nitrazorb, bio balls...
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    Major tank issue - sickness of some sort

    Here’s the best pic I could get of my cichlid. He/she is with two female gourami and 3 nerite snails.