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    RCS and full planted tank temperature

    Hi, so I have a 90gallon planted tank with guppy grass, Christmas moss, Amazon swords and loads of other kind of plants It’s currently on 25c with around 60 RCS Is that temperature ok or should I go lower as I’m sure the plants need a little warmer ?
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    Discus with frontosas?

    All my fish are kept in my tap water ph of 7.8 Discus and frontosas are bred in local waters should never chase ph to suit a fish needs stable parameters are better then chasing parameters as if I used my ph to 7.0 using my RO system for the discus by the afternoon the water will be 7.8...
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    Discus with frontosas?

    I’m not new keeping fish, but I do have a question I have a 200 gallon tank with 8 large discus, And I have a smaller tank with 8 2/3” frontosas They both live in same water straight from the tap same heat... all my fish are the same on everything I know frontosas are not agressive and are...
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    Jaguar cichlids could anyone help with sexing?

    They have been moved and he’s very chilled out. And thank you they are beautiful
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    Jaguar cichlids could anyone help with sexing?

    Yes they will be moved I’ve kept fish for many years even though these severums I’ve got to be careful what to put with as they are really agressive they have beaten my 8” green saums up quite bad lol
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    Jaguar cichlids could anyone help with sexing?

    Hi, I had brought 2 I though we’re a pair 8” in size then to be told they are both female. so I went and got a 15” male just making sure the smaller one is definitely a female
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    Sexing my 2 flowerhorns

    Thank you :)
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    Sexing my 2 flowerhorns

    So I brought that was believed as a male flowerhorn photo 1 And a female photo 2 Could someone help me sex these with their vents please.
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    Hi my LFS has some baby flowerhorn me and are stunning! Can they not be housed with anything at all ? I have a breeding pair of jack dempseys, silver sharks etc. they only about 2” but I’ve fallen in love with them and want one so bad
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    Diy filter?

    Hi, I’m getting annoyed with all the filters I have used not being strong enough, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light to my invention I was thinking. I want to make my own filter using a strong pond pump, I have text plastic storage boxes big enough for a large filter. Do you...
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    Silver arrowana baby

    Hi I'm not new to fish keeping I was on here years ago on another name but forgot my login details, So I have 1 question. My tank consists off the following. 1 baby silver arrowana 4 large gold severums 1 chocolate cichlid 4 geo baby's And 3 elliotis What would people recommend I've used...
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    My Bnpleco's Are Breeding.

    When I bred bristle nose plecos in my community I made sure there was a lot off hiding places for them and quite a few survived. Unless your wanting to have them all survive your best vet would have them in their only tank
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    Not New But Still Need Help :)

    Hi I recently got myself 2 new tanks been out off keeping fish for 2/3 years. The first question is what substrate will be best for Americans and that will be good for live plants too. So the first tank is a 4ft by 2ft depth by 28" high. Wanting Americans, I like all Americans so if you could...