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  1. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    Still need responses...angelfish bloating only at night along with fin damage/rot?

    Hello Navfish, I've been seeking in german aquarium forums just to be able to find answers to your problem, unfortunatelly I can't speak out of my own experience, but I found it seems to be a quite frequent issue on angelfishes, and in most cases people didn't find a clear source of the problem...
  2. MonsieurLaGrenuoille


    Auf de den Aden alter, welcome!
  3. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    New hobby, new forum, hello!

    Better living plants, only my opinion!
  4. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    joined forum for help

    Hello, for the milky water the best you can do is to use an ultraviolet lamp. Some expertes here could tell you some information I hope, or in the web.(I never had one)
  5. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    Hello TFF

    Hello Adequate I have to apologize, very welcome here to TTF if I could say!
  6. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    Hello TFF

    Excuse me Colin_T, that was exclusivelly my mistake. Totally brainless.
  7. MonsieurLaGrenuoille


    Thought be always a stranger, that's no problem!
  8. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    Hello TFF

    Excuse me mon amie, you should never insult me or any one else out of this world because they are strangers or something like that. Then you are disqualified and wrong, and about all, what does it will to me as a foreign language? I don't hope that mes amies!
  9. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    nerite snail questions

    Give him time to acclimatize, I don't believe it is a problem at all.
  10. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    Missing frog?

    Interesting, please would you say me what DGs and BNT does mean? (I have got two of the ADF in 20L tank with neocaridina and melanoides, since years, I can hear them "sing"). Everywhere there is going to be warnings not to have a little hole somewhere at the top of your aquarium, othewise they...
  11. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    New betta! names needed.

    No don't do it, call him Pünktchen please. He is not so deformed, noch nicht.
  12. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    Opinion on Ramshorn Snails

    It's more lucrative to sell shrimp and very easy, I want to mention that the 7 or so snails I saved over into a 150L AQ became very huge, with a perfect formed shell, after they had laid eggs and the population increased they became still smaller and reduced, they reached the pest dimension...
  13. MonsieurLaGrenuoille


    Hello from me too.
  14. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    Hello all

    Hi, you could also have some shrimp (neocaridina) together with the fish and the snail, once you have gotten a good amount of plants.
  15. MonsieurLaGrenuoille

    Dwarf gourami ate all floater plants

    Everything changes once, the fish has personality and needs some occupation, he lives there and perhaps he's getting his home ready, although he don't like to eat this stuff, interesting for me to know, I thought they are rather carnivore. For me he looks like a female.