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  1. emeraldking

    Tell me something funny

    Yes, we are truly related to apes... So many things one can conclude just by observing...
  2. emeraldking

    Why are all my male goldfish chasing my female goldfish everyday?

    Male goldfish know when a female is carrying eggs. That will trigger those males to chase the female around to force her to lay her eggs. It's just nature...
  3. emeraldking

    HELP! How to save fish

    Doesn't look like ich. I had those oscars in the past and some showed the same thing. It was pigment loss. If that's the case with yours, I wouldn't be worried about it.
  4. emeraldking

    Platys and BST

    This is one of the problems many people are dealing with. At stores a lot of fish are sold at a size that is of a juvenile. And many people take that as a reference and not knowing how big they can actually get.
  5. emeraldking

    What is this crab?

    Wonder how it got there? Did you put newly a new stone or something in there that may have contained this crab?
  6. emeraldking

    The Big Figfetti

    Welcome to TFF... :hi: Well, let the rhyming begin... You've got @Back in the fold already there...
  7. emeraldking

    New here and to fishkeeping

    Hi and welcome to TFF... :hi: Sufficient members to help you out with all your questions...
  8. emeraldking

    Fish in cycle question

    Short finned guppies would be okay in this situation. If you'll use big finned guppies, those fins will tear at some point in softer water.
  9. emeraldking

    I support this great initiative...

    It's more for those people who fled and left everything behind. If I can contribute in any way, I will...
  10. emeraldking

    Thread for sharing art

    I love it... ! 👍👍👍
  11. emeraldking

    Who is this visitor?

    I always wash new plants before they go into a tank. I always look at a store if I see any snails in the tank with plants in it. If I see one, I won't buy a plant at that store. For there might be a chance that their are eggs on those plants.
  12. emeraldking

    Surface plants suddenly babies.

    Duckweed is a functional floater but also I dislike them. No duckweed in my tanks. It's so hard to get rid of them once it's in your tank.
  13. emeraldking

    New member Bike2mark

    Hi and welcome to TFF... :hi: Good to hear that your tank is thriving well...
  14. emeraldking

    Guppy Birth Prolapse?

    Once this happens, you can't cure it. Give it some time and see if she can push those fry out or not. Because that could be a problem.
  15. emeraldking


    Hi, I've kept different kinds of frogs throughout the years. But my main focus were darts, reed frogs and tree frogs. Well, nobody can tell you which one you should choose. But do some research first. For not every type of frog is easy to maintain. And do you want a night active frog or one...
  16. emeraldking

    Live bearers in soft water

    You bet...! 👍
  17. emeraldking

    Help identifying this fish

    As all living creatures, they have the ability to adapt to the situation they're in. There's a difference between shoaling and schooling. There are fish species that swim individually but do shoal at certain times. But that doesn't make them schooling fish. Schooling fish that are kept solitary...
  18. emeraldking

    I'm in deep now...

    It's true! I know a number of stores that are spaces at peoples homes. Yes, it doesn't look professional but hey... I don't care! And you don't feel any pressure to buy something from a needy employee. It's got this homey feel... Which I like...
  19. emeraldking

    Excited to Join. Here's my favorite tank

    Welcome to TFF, Johnny... :hi: 7 Tanks in 6 months as a novice is very ambitious... 👍
  20. emeraldking

    Live bearers in soft water

    Overhere in western Europe it's easier to get your hands on such livebearers than in northern America. But only through private breeders. Retail doesn't bother to focus on rare livebearers.