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  1. 214jay

    New 630L Tank Ordered With Sump...few Questions!

    Hello   Its been a while since I have posted on here.  I have just ordered a 640L Cleair Adriatic 630 Aquarium which includes an 80L sump instead of a filter!   My plan is to have it with big shoals of fish (mainly tetras) and invertebrates with lots of plants - Basically a large version of what...
  2. 214jay

    How Are My Tank Stocking Levels?

    Hi folks   Its been a while since I have posted here, mainly due to being busy and things all going smoothly with my two tanks.   I would like some feedback on my stocking levels in my 240 Litres (Fluval Roma 240).  I have two external filters, an Eheim 2217 (1000lph) and a Fluval 306...
  3. 214jay

    My Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster

    Hello.   Around 6 months ago I stumbled upon a new fish shop with loads of exciting stock.  I couldn't resist and purchased a tiny 'Hammers Cobalt Blue Lobster' (Cherax quadricarinatus - The only legal crayfish allowed in UK).  I had plenty of space in my 30+gallon for more fish and thought I...
  4. 214jay

    Where Have All The Ghost Shrimp Gone?

    Hello   I thought I would post because I have noticed a huge decline in shrimp numbers/varieties in all of my local fish shops since I started the hobby over a year ago.  I remember pets at home always stocked lots of random shrimps and were guaranteed to have Ghost shrimp in stock.   It would...
  5. 214jay

    Blue Colbalt In The Uk?

    Hello. Have spotted this fella for sale in a LFS, labelled as a Blue Colbalt Lobster! Pretty sure this is really a crayfish but is it legal go keep in the uk?
  6. 214jay

    Do Amano Shrimp 'fan' When Mature?

    I have some large amano shrimp which are in my community tank with bamboo fam shrimp. One has taken to fanning the water column for food, this is happening in two of my tanks with fast moving water. Is this normal?
  7. 214jay

    African Giant Fan Shrimp And Bamboo Fan Shrimp Video

    Heya. Sorry for posting so many vids but been playing with my new camera.  I recently got a new African Giant Fan Shrimp and uploaded a vid of him fanning for food...   I also took vids of my Bamboo Shrimp which seem to love the tank You can never...
  8. 214jay

    Video From Inside My Aquarium!

    Hiya I recently purchased an underwater camera to film my fish tanks, I really wanted to see if the fish see mostly reflection or have a good view of the outside world! Heres the video if anyones interested Also got a nice underwater video of amano...
  9. 214jay

    Help - Poisoned Fish (With Swollen/cloudy Eye) And Lights Left On 24Hr

    Hello.   I am hoping for some advice.  Recently I purchased a second had filter and this has led to my snails dropping like flies - My levels had been okay but I think there was chemicals used to clean the filter which led to this.  Fish and shrimp have been okay and been keeping up on water...
  10. 214jay

    Celestial Pearl Danio - Swollen, Lethargic And Gasping

    I would be grateful for any help, I have a poorly fish who is the largest one in the tank...Details below:   Tank size: 48L pH: 7.8 ammonia: 0 nitrite: 0 nitrate: 20 tank temp: 24C   Fish is badly swolen along most of his body, gasping and lethargic (not darting away from anything).  He is...
  11. 214jay

    Changing My Internal Filter...

    Hello.  I have decided to change my internal filter on my small tank to a slightly larger one that is more 'shrimp friendly'.  Unfortunately I do not have the option of leaving the new one in the tank with the existing one as I have lots of shrimplets and fear for their safety.   There is no...
  12. 214jay

    My New Crab Tank! (With Pics!)

    Hello.  I've been debating setting up a red clawed crab tank for some time, mainly waiting for permission for my better half.  Now my tanks are at good levels of stocking I decided to turn my quarantine tank into a crab tank (though if all successful going to get a bigger 48L around December for...
  13. 214jay

    Ph Of My Tap Water Has Dropped By Quite A Lot!

    Hello.  My PH of my tapwater has always been consistently 8.2.  A few days ago I changed 50% of the water in my main tank and noticed one shrimp going completely bonkers, swimming at warp speed everywhere!    Today I changed my smaller shrimp tank and thought out of interest I would do a PH...
  14. 214jay

    Bamboo Shrimp Has A New Ride!

    Popped down to watch the tank and notice one of my Bamboo Shrimps had hijacked a Nerite!! He managed to get a lift right across the tank...closer to the filter!!   I thought I would share some pictures as it made me smile after a long day's work!!       Looking happy after his free lift across...
  15. 214jay

    Should I Add Mts Snails To My Tank?

    Hello   I have been considering introducing MTS snails to my tank since I decided on sand substrate and cannot decide if it will be a good idea.  I already have 5 Nerite snails, a handful of pond snails (numbers staying low), corys and amano shrimp as my clean-up crew.   My main though is that...
  16. 214jay

    Two Young Discus For Free (Coventry, West Midlands)

    Livestock: Discus Quantity for sale: 2 Reason for Sale: Rescued from a LFS - Eventually may not be compatible with my tetras! Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: Free or swap for a few neon tetras Postage & Packaging: N/A I will not post! Location: Coventry, West Midlands Photograph...
  17. 214jay

    Least Stressful Way To Transfer Fish From Qt To Main Tank?

    Hello.  As per the title, what the best way to transfer new fish from the QT to the main tank?  I have some fish that are quite nervous in the QT and I would usually net them but not sure if there is a better way so I do not have to chase them round and risk them jumping ship?
  18. 214jay

    Advice On Rummynose Tetra That Jumped Tank & Acting Strange.

    I currently have 6 rummynose Tetra in a small quatrantine tank, doing daily water changes to keep all the levels down.   A few days ago I stupidly left the lid off the tank.  I was walking around the room and had a look in the tank, could only see 5 fish.  After a long time searching I found one...
  19. 214jay

    Logistics Of A New 420L Tank - Lots Of Questions!

    Hello.    We have decided to take a big leap and buy a 420L tank, measuring 180cm x 50cm x 151cm (inc stand), with an oak frame (see picture below).  The tank will be with us in around 1.5-2 months once I have re-enforced the floor.  This also gives me plenty of time to prepare, decide on...
  20. 214jay

    Female Honey Gourami And A Male Dwarf Gourami In Community Tank?

    Hello.   I have a male Dwarf Gourami and recently purchased a Honey Gourami which I suspect is a female (based on the shape of the dorsal fin.)   I bought the Honey to go into a different tank but during the acclimatisation process and setting up the quarantine tank I put her bag in the tank...