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  1. Alm0stAwesome

    Cory With Growth Over Eye?

    Hi Wilder!   Well I've moved everyone bar one back to the main tank. The second cory to become ill (had a cloudy and and gill plate) looks like he'll make a full recovery (fingers crossed!) however after having improved for several days, the last of thre three "lethargic corys" has started to...
  2. Alm0stAwesome

    Cory With Growth Over Eye?

    I dunno, I'm tempted to go ahead and do it now but I think the remaining two are probably happier with the larger group...
  3. Alm0stAwesome

    Cory With Growth Over Eye?

    Nope not here yet but yes I think I'll keep up with the water changes and salt and see how we get on
  4. Alm0stAwesome

    90G "mini-Rescape"

    Thanks guys, I was lucky to find such a large piece of redmoor that I could actually afford lol. The tank is 4 ft x 18" x 2ft so it's been a mission to find something. I am very pleased with the results.   There's quite a bit of giant vallis in there so I'm looking forward to the change in maybe...
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    Are Water Changes Always Stressful?

    Same, my guys love w/c day. I refill with temperature matched water straight from my kitchen tap so I'm able to aim the pipe in a way that doesn't cause massive distrubance - maybe that helps :)
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    Puffer With Weird Stomach

    A sunken belly is usually a sign of internal bacteria or parasite infection. Unfortunately I'm not great at disease diagnoses but I would be concerned. 
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    90G "mini-Rescape"

    Hi folks - Just thought I would share some pictures of my minor rescape here. Let me know what you think  See my journal for more of this tank's journey.  Before: After:
  8. Alm0stAwesome

    The Angel Isles: Planted Community Tank

    Here we are! Pardon the bubbles, I didn't feel like cleaning them off The background needs to be fiddled with but we're redecorating soon so I'll fix it when I pull the tank out to paint.            This guy is certainly happy about the addition of some decent wood!    
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    No Gravel Or Sand? Opinions?

    Lots of fishkeepers keep bare-bottomed tanks. Especially those with a lot of tanks and multiple breeding set ups. It helps in keeping the tanks clean and for those running a big breeding operation the tanks aren't set up for aesthetics. When we add a substrate, for the most part, it's for us to...
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    Species For Centerpiece Of Tank Suggestions

    It's about swimming space for the tetras and being able to keep them in big enough groups. Whereas frogs don't need a massive amount of swimming space and can be kept on their own.
  11. Alm0stAwesome

    The Angel Isles: Planted Community Tank

    Woo! New wood is in! I spent ages messing around with the planting and I'm pretty pleased with the result :D   Pictures once the dust settles 
  12. Alm0stAwesome

    Cory With Growth Over Eye?

    Hi guys, just thought I'd give you a little update.   I lost another of the lethargic ones last night but I always kind of knew it wasn't going to make it so I'm relieved in a way.    The last of the "lethargic ones" this one has never shown any symptoms apart from not moving (It never even had...
  13. Alm0stAwesome

    The Angel Isles: Planted Community Tank

    I did lose one more last night but in a way it's a relief because I knew it wouldn't recover. The other two might be showing signs of improvement but I don't know if that's me just being optimistic!    I have an HTC One. Some of the pictures are from my standard digital camera which is  Fuji...
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    Tank Stocking Advice

    TBH you don't really need a "tank cleaner" and at that size those plecos were unlikely to be doing much cleaning anyway. But if you want a pleco, a bristlenose would fit in well. 
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    1000 Us Gal Project

    I'll have to pick up a copy, I think my LFS gets them in :)
  16. Alm0stAwesome

    Fishless Cycle - 3G

    When using the API nitrate kit but sure to give both bottles a major shake for at least a minute before doing the test. Play the drums with them on the edge of your kitchen table or something, they really do need a good beating to mix properly :)
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    I Found A Baby Fish.

    I'd guess platy as well
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    Switching From Plant Substrate To Sand?

    I personally haven't heard anything about bacteria in substrate being needed for the health of plants but that doesn't mean there isn't any truth to it! The thing is, you're going to make this change no matter what right? So if the change is going to impact your plants you'll just have to cross...
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    Help With My Aquascaping

    Your photo didn't work - try using a photo hosting site like photobucket or flikr and use the IMG code to post the picture here. 
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    The Angel Isles: Planted Community Tank

    The vallis and tiger lotus are growing well, yay! After all of the plant trouble I've been having it's so nice to see bright healthy leaves growing in my tank :) Another bonus is that my old tiger lotus bulb, which I never removed from the tank after it's leaves died, has been rolled out of some...