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  1. AmyKieran

    Will running my new filter in my established tank develop BB?

    Hi I have my already established 55g African cichlid tank. I’m getting a new WCMM tank next week. Would running my new air driven filter in my established tank build up some BB until next week?
  2. AmyKieran

    Breeding WCMM ?

    Any tips on how best to breed WCMM? Should I just introduce a pair to a tank? Or a group of 6 and hope they pair off? I am going to be getting a 60l tank for this breeding project. Also how to easily identify male and female?
  3. AmyKieran

    Cold water breeding ideas?

    Hi. Ide love a cold water (because I’ll be keeping it outside in a shed) breeding project. What’s some relatively easy worthwhile breeding cold water fish species?
  4. AmyKieran

    Could anyone send me some plants?

    Hi I thought ide ask before ide buy them. Is anyone willing to send me (ide pay postage, I live in UK) plants for my cichlid aquarium. I’m looking for plants that they may not eat. Like crypts, melon sword, Java fern, ludwigia, bacopa. Anything tough really :) Thankyou so much
  5. AmyKieran

    Could I keep any species of snail in my African cichlid tank?

    Could any species of snail be okay in my cichlid tank? I have about 40 African cichlids (some of them about 6 inch long) with my water being very hard and high ph.
  6. AmyKieran

    Dream tanks?

    My absolute dream tank would be a six footer with a beautiful frontosa colony. If you had unlimited money, space, resources, what would be your dream tank and why?
  7. AmyKieran

    Best placement for Java moss in my cichlid tank?

    Going to give a go at Java moss for my tank. The others ate the Java fern, but leave they ate it. I’m thinking of using Java moss as a floater. Opinions? This is my tank if that will help with placement Any other advice is also welcome :)
  8. AmyKieran

    Malawi breeding in my tank!?

    Wow, just noticed these little guys swimming around in my tank! I’ve seen maybe 3-4 of them about 1/2 an inch long. They are ducking and weaving inside the rocks at the bottom. Considering I have around 45 fish and catfish in my tank ide consider this amazing! Also any thoughts on species...
  9. AmyKieran

    2 fish dead!

    Hi, I have a 50g Malawi tank that has been established 9 months, currently has around 40 Malawi and 5 catfish. This morning I’ve came down to 2 fish dead. One of them is right in the middle of the sand, the other is under rocks. I have tested tank water and the parameters are below. I’ve removed...
  10. AmyKieran

    Is it worth keeping the crushed coral in my filters?

    In my 190l tank I am keeping Malawi cichlids that I buffer the gh/kh/ ph with malawi buffer and cichlid salt. This achieves 7.8+ ph 10kh and 18+gh if I remember rightly. Before I started using these buffers, I tried putting crushed coral in my filters but this did nothing. Since getting my...
  11. AmyKieran

    Is dumping fish water down the toilet costing me more money? (Uk)

    Hi, I usually dump my fish water on a water change down the toilet. My water bills are divided into sewage and water use. Am I costing myself more money than just pouring it outside?
  12. AmyKieran

    How to best conserve Malawi eggs/fry

    I have a fish that is very clearly got eggs in their mouth. I have lots of other fish in the tank and hate to lose the fry. How do I best conserve the fry so the other fish won’t eat them? I also have a air driven sponge filter that I used for my fry tank in the past that’s been in the shed...
  13. AmyKieran

    Thought on my new riparian plants

    Any thoughts on my new riparian plants I bought today 😃 I love them I have added a pretty big monstera on the left and a never never plant on the right Also, Cudos to the person who can guess how much I paid for both 😉
  14. AmyKieran

    Floating plants for rift lake cichlids

    Tried several with no success Duckweed - eaten Hornwort - destroyed Frogbit - destroyed Any other suggestions?
  15. AmyKieran

    Who likes Ryan Reynolds’ goldfish tank in freeguy?

    Watched the movie freeguy last night. Amazing movie, however did notice this. Comments on the tank?
  16. AmyKieran

    Is 120l out of 190l enough?

    I try to follow the 75% water change rule but my filter loses the siphon. The hose isn’t long enough to push the intake down further so the most I can do is 120l which is about 63%. Is this enough for my weekly water changes?
  17. AmyKieran

    Plant changing colour at parts?

    My hornwort that I’m growing outside has small parts of it dark green and the rest is light green, what’s happening? Picture below
  18. AmyKieran

    Aquascaping ideas?

    I have attached a picture of my rift lake cichlid tank below. Ide like some ideas on how to improve. I’ve tried basically all floating plants (hornwort, duckweed, frogbit) I’ve also tried a few plants that just got demolished (valisneria, crypts, Ludwigia, Nomaphila stricta) but I’ve also had...
  19. AmyKieran

    Holiday in playa Blanca lanzarote

    We are looking to go here next year and stay in a private villa with a pool (my wife isn’t supposed to go in public pools) with me, my wife and child (aged 12) Has anyone been here? If so what did they think? Also any ideas on how to keep the Costs low? I’m finding that booking everything...
  20. AmyKieran

    Your favourite jokes

    Tell me your favourite joke 😄