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  1. ghostknife

    Gymnothorax Tile Salinity

    Hi all, I work in an aquatics store near me and a customer brought in a 'freshwater' moray eel. And another member of staff said we could house it, as they didnt know (until i told them) that they prefer Brackish. Its currently living in freshwater However i am unsure what salinity they...
  2. ghostknife

    My Polypterus Need A New Home

    I am thinking about letting my polypterus go, i have had them for many years now, grew them up from tiny youngsters to adult size, but my 300L aquarium is looking much to small for them now, and i don't want to take them into my local, cos some twit might buy them and not have a clue what they...
  3. ghostknife

    My Tanks

    Type of setup South American (basically) Community Tank 160L, 35UK gallons, Dimensions 36 x 15 x 18 inches Filtration One Fluval 3Plus Internal Filter, getting an external soon. Also has an air pump. Lighting One Power-glo Light tube Substrate Pea Gravel 5cm depth Decor Granite, slate...
  4. ghostknife

    Hoping To Get A Marine Tank Soon

    Right i have been keeping freshwater tropicals for nearly 9 years, and have kept various harder to keep fish successfully, so finally i think it is about time i got a marine tank. This is my plan. I am hoping to get a 240L Fluval Roma aquarium, this includes the fluval 305 external filter...
  5. ghostknife

    Hi, Well Hello Again

    Hi everyone, i have been a member on here for ages, but have not been on here for probably at least 2 years, possibly more. and alot has changed so i thought i would reintroduce myself as i am back!! My name is Tom. I am 17, been keeping tropical fish for 8/9 years. At one point i had 7...
  6. ghostknife

    Polypterus Endlicheri

    I just bought baby polypterus endlicheri. but he just spends most of the time in the reeds at the top of my tank. All my other polypterus sit at the bottom and he he normally sits at the top. IS this normal? I think he might be nervous of the other fish so i am setting him up a small tank...
  7. ghostknife

    Monsterfish (thalassophyne Amazonica)

    Hello its gk, i'm back!! Yeah i hav't been around for ages because i kind of forgot about fish forums and i have lots of coursework to do. Yeah anyway. Yesterday i visited a couple of shops with (1 inch) monster fish for sale. So i have ben researching themn and have discovered that you can...
  8. ghostknife

    Nano's Sound Cool

    How much are nano reefs to set up (on average)? And what kind of fish, invertebrates etc. can you keep in one?
  9. ghostknife

    Oddball ID

    A shop that i visited last weekwas selling some really interesting fish (I think they are catfish) they were called Pseudocetopsis sp.tiger all i know is that they can be aggressive. Does anyone have any info on this fish. thanx gk
  10. ghostknife

    Puffers and pandas

    I have a 2ft tank set up in my room containnig a pair of red eye puffers Carinotetraodon lorteti but whenever someone looks in there tank they always say 'theres nothing in there!' so i would like to add some tankmates to keep them company and to make the tank look more active. So i was thinking...
  11. ghostknife

    Cool catfish

    I recently visited a fish shop with what i belive is a interesting catfish for sale. It was labelled as a Pseudocetopsis sp. tiger it was long and flat and was stripey its tail was very forked (if that makes sense) it had eyes like a pet cat but no whiskers. They were all lying on the bottom of...
  12. ghostknife


    I have recently purchased a 60x30x30cm (UK12 gallon) aquarium what kind of pufferfish could i keep. I was thinking of (only one of these species): -Figure of Eight puffer -Topaz puffer -South American puffer -Congo puffer -Dwarf puffer -Red Eye Puffer (carinotetraodon lorteti) - Red Eye...
  13. ghostknife

    Congo Puffers

    My local aquatic shop is selling congo puffers and i was wondering if anyone has any info on them (as they are very very cool)? What size tank would they need? Could i keep any thing with it? What decor should i use (i was thinking of using sand as a substrate, rocks and valis, java fern and...
  14. ghostknife

    Polypterus palmas palmas

    How do you tell the difference between polypterus palmas palmas and polypterus palmas polli? And do Polypterus delhezi have the same temperament as p. senegalus (peaceful to other polypterus species)?
  15. ghostknife

    Albino polypterus

    In one of my local aquatic shops they are selling albino polypterus. They are 7cm to 10cm but all of my other polypterus are about 20cm, will they get on? or should i put in one of my other tanks until it is bigger (the only tank that i have is a 2ft tank containing neons, platies, various...
  16. ghostknife

    Looking for Dwarf Snakeheads

    I am looking for the dwarf or Rainbow snakehead Channa Bleheri but I cannot find one anywhere. Has any in the uk seen any and how much money where they? Or does anyone know where i could et one Any Info about this species would be appreciated. I have found out that they get to about 15cm/6''...
  17. ghostknife

    What to get?

    I recently have had a few deaths (because of old age): 8 guppies in my 2ft tank 1 Albino ruby shark in my 3 ft tank Any suggestions? then i took back my fw moray eel to swap for a reedfish (in my 4ft tank). Do these get to the same size? if not could i add something else as well?
  18. ghostknife

    Blind cave eels, Crazy Fish, Stonefish and more

    I recently visited a shop which only sells FW fish it had on sale: Blind cave eels Butis Butis (Crazy fish) Vietnamese blennies stonefish (i think are allenbatrachus batrachus) Please can you give me some info on keeoping these fish and are they suitable for any of my tanks. I...
  19. ghostknife

    The Esaiest Oddball

    I have just bought 6 Blind cave characins they are so funny they eat anything and are really cool to watch. Anyone else own any of these? because i highly recommend them to someone who wants an oddball bit doesn't have much room
  20. ghostknife

    Seahorses can i keep them?

    I would like to set up a tank for seahorses my planned stock is: -2 Tiger tail seahorse Hippocampus comes -1 or 2 Marine leaf fish Taeniotus tricanthus -1 warty frogfish Antennarius sp.(can't remember the last part) - 2 pairs of pipefish ie. Bluestripe pipefish and banded pipefish What...