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  1. Kaijuaquatics

    Pleco TB immunity?

    Bringing this back because I'm curious to see if anyone else has any information and/or input on this
  2. Kaijuaquatics

    Fish TB? or just bad luck

    Ok so I'm going to get really in detail with this to compensate for the fact I don't have any pictures of the guoramis when they were sick so bear with me. As a bit of backstory, I used to be into keeping bettas. I had 2 in a row that died of dropsy and one who's death is still a mystery as I...
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  5. Kaijuaquatics

    Anyone seen this type of marbling before

    Yup were both English (sadly, its a craphole over here haha)
  6. Kaijuaquatics

    Anyone seen this type of marbling before

    I was wondering how he managed to OD that bad haha 😂 my worries are alleviated knowing its 5ml per 10litres and not gallons. Hes investing in those syringes for better accuracy and ordering in some new water treatment
  7. Kaijuaquatics

    Anyone seen this type of marbling before

    Oh **** I had no idea, I use a different water treatment to him. I've told him all that and he's significantly reducing the dosage as well as potentially getting a different brand with an easier to use measuring cup. This is his first ever tank and fish so its a learning curve. Thank you for...
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    Anyone seen this type of marbling before

    Ok I asked and he said he adds 10 ml to every bucket. Every water change he adds 1 and a half buckets of water back in and they hold 15L. Apparently the measurements on the cap are quite vague so now I'm wondering too
  9. Kaijuaquatics

    Anyone seen this type of marbling before

    He uses Tetra aquasafe. We've attempted treatment before when we thought it was fungus with aquarium salt and some antifungal, but it didn't do anything. His tank is cycled and he shares it with a small school of corydoras- all of which are fine and active.
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    Anyone seen this type of marbling before

    Hi yall <3 This is my bfs betta, Trua. He has this marbling colouration on him which is really unique and I can't find any examples of it anywhere. Its not any disease because he's completely fine and thriving- we've treated him before but it didn't change anything so we've come to the...
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  14. Kaijuaquatics

    Platy colour variety?

    Hi there! So, a little bit of backstory for this. These were my 2 very first fish I got when I started fishkeeping as a serious hobby: Akame and Akatora. They were sold to me as variatus platyfish I believe? Its been a while so my memory is fuzzy haha. I got them at pets at home when I didn't...
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  18. Kaijuaquatics

    Pleco TB immunity?

    Yeah I've heard of rainbow fish being notorious for dying due to TB, it makes sense that resistance would be an evolutionary trait in older species. It would be a good study to conduct if anyone had the scientific knowhow or money haha. I might look for scientific journals later to see if...
  19. Kaijuaquatics

    Pleco TB immunity?

    Hi all! So I was researching myco infections (more commonly known as fish TB) and came across a tidbit of information I've been unable to verify: the idea that catfish are immune to it. Anyone have any sources on this? If so, is it only certain types of catfish or do things like plecos and...
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    Hi all! This fellow is mark suckerberg the common pleco and recently he's gotten something that looks a little like an abrasion. I'd like to preface this by saying he's behaving absolutely fine and showing no signs of ill health. He has a penchant for destruction though and can be rather...