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    Found One of my Cories Dead but he looks discolored

    Not sure why or how my cory died but I found him because I couldn't find all 5 of them when eating. He looks white I don't know why this is or what happened to him to make him look this way or how he died. Any help would be very nice. Also found an empty snail shell next to him don't know if it...
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    First Aquascape! Looking for advice on the plants I want to get!

    Hello, all I'm very excited to start aquascaping and have a 10-gallon tank that is brand new! I have a list of plants that I was looking at getting and was wondering if everyone could look to see if these plants would go well together. I plan on planting these guys on Miracle grow organic soil...
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    Can I Cycle My tank with Fish pellets?

    Hey everyone I'm a noob, I had a betta for a week that had ich and fungus that killed him sadly. I did a 75% water change and am not going to add fish for a while now because the tank isn't cycled. I was told at my local fish store that if I waited a week the ich would solve itself as there are...
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    Received Betta for White Elephant, Noob at Fish Keeping, Fish seems Sick! SOS!

    Hello everyone! I've been very stressed about my Betta, Dobby, I received him for a white elephant gift and I'm determined to be a good fish dad! Everything is new, tank, heater, lights, plants, filter, etc. Dobby won't eat and is hanging at the top of the time and is very lethargic! Took a...