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  1. biofish

    Swim Bladder Issues With Archer Fish

    Mmmmm I’m not sure what to say. I’ve never really had a fish with swim bladder issues pull through. The most common causes are injured swim bladder from numbing into something or accidentally swallowed an air bubble. Not all types of fish can burp and release that air, so it’s can be fatal and...
  2. biofish

    Can I temporarily put angelfish in a 10 gallon?

    Would it be okay if I added in a school of smaller fish? Since they’re smaller I could get small schools to quarantine at a time. Now that the guppies are gone the tank feels pretty sleepy. I went out scouting for fish yesterday but weirdly enough, a lot of the fish at my usual places were...
  3. biofish

    Can I temporarily put angelfish in a 10 gallon?

    No more angels. Got it. My sister is livid. Wish me luck. And the guppies have been air lifted to safety. So after chasing my fish around the tank: my angel fish are approx 2.5 inches, 3 inches, 4.5 inches, and 5 inches. All bodies are the same size expect for fin length. Brats.
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    Can I temporarily put angelfish in a 10 gallon?

    Ah darn. That stinks about the angelfish but it would track. The pinoy was always hiding and staying low in the tank. I never saw the harassment but I know that doesn’t mean much. So right now I have 4 angels, 2 female gourami, a lot of Cory catfish and guppies in a 55 gallon. But yeah I really...
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    Can I temporarily put angelfish in a 10 gallon?

    Hello all! So my pinoy angelfish I got a couple months ago, who never quite thrived in my tank compared to my locally bred angels, passed and I was thinking of buying a new angelfish or two but the quarantine tank I have is only a 10 gallon. Since my current angels that I bought in July have...
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    Odd behavior in Cory catfish

    Still kickin lol (just fed them. Guppies are on the hunt for scraps) maybe I should enter her in the next Cory catfish contest in 48385829492 years if she’s till hangin
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  9. biofish

    Questions on replacing biomedia for AquaClear filters

    Oh thank goodness! I was really concerned. Cause my bags and sponge are holding up super well. My first tank used those thin cartridges that always got so nasty and didn’t clean well, so yeah, my current biomedia and sponge were always easy to clean and still very much intact so it never even...
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    Questions on replacing biomedia for AquaClear filters

    Hello everyone! So… yeah. I was talking with a classmates about filters and they asked me what filter I used and how often I have to change the biomedia… And uh… I came to the sudden realization That I’ve been using and cleaning my filters and biomedia ( with charcoal and a sponge) for a...
  11. biofish

    War against blue green algae

    Updates: so it’s been about a month, and the blue algea hasn’t come back since I treated it! I dosed all my tanks that were showing signs and not a single one has an outbreak anymore~ Only one fish has died since: my albino pleco. But I’m not sure why, she suddenly stopped eating and I tried...
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    What do y’all think my dog is mixed with?

    Yeahhh I think more dachshund than corgi or mayhaps even a chihuahua/dachshund ancestry?
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    I was about to buy dwarf gourami’s myself when I asked the forum about stocking ideas! They set me straight so quickly and I barely dodged a bullet there. So I choose to get a couple female Pearl Gourami’s instead and they’ve been fantastic! Their coloring is lovely and, despite other people...
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    Pleco wont eat! Turning super pale.

    Okay how small should it be chopped? I’ve got some baby carrots. Should I leave them as thin slices or cut them even smaller? I need to run to the store anyway so I’ll try to grab one of the above listed. Anyone you think would be more tantalizing?
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  17. biofish

    Pleco wont eat! Turning super pale.

    Hello all! My bristlenose pleco who I’ve only had since about July, has turned progressively more pale these last few days. I looked it up: and it said the most common form of it is malnutrition. So I’ve been putting a lot of sinking pellets, algae waters, and flakes in her favorite corner of...
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  19. biofish

    What do y’all think my dog is mixed with?

    Me at the next pet of the month competition: “Hello everyone this is my pet spider, Jerkwad, that’s been haunting my ceiling and Im not tall enough to get rid of it *inserts picture of a blurry black dot on ceiling* anyway he’s horrible at catching mosquitos which is like his only job I still...
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    What do y’all think my dog is mixed with?

    I wish. Alas. Lizard heheheheheheh gif