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  1. biofish

    Can I temporarily put angelfish in a 10 gallon?

    Hello all! So my pinoy angelfish I got a couple months ago, who never quite thrived in my tank compared to my locally bred angels, passed and I was thinking of buying a new angelfish or two but the quarantine tank I have is only a 10 gallon. Since my current angels that I bought in July have...
  2. biofish

    Questions on replacing biomedia for AquaClear filters

    Hello everyone! So… yeah. I was talking with a classmates about filters and they asked me what filter I used and how often I have to change the biomedia… And uh… I came to the sudden realization That I’ve been using and cleaning my filters and biomedia ( with charcoal and a sponge) for a...
  3. biofish

    Pleco wont eat! Turning super pale.

    Hello all! My bristlenose pleco who I’ve only had since about July, has turned progressively more pale these last few days. I looked it up: and it said the most common form of it is malnutrition. So I’ve been putting a lot of sinking pellets, algae waters, and flakes in her favorite corner of...
  4. biofish

    Guppies vs Endler

    So I’m making this post, not really asking anything, just writing down what I notice. Now, I’ll be honest, I have only purposely bought 1 male endler and the rest various batches of guppies so my observations regarding endless may be biased. However! Mr. Endler, liked to get down and dirty...
  5. biofish

    What do y’all think my dog is mixed with?

    So my rescue, Yuki, is a Jindo mix. And for the longest time we’ve been scratching our head over what the heck she’s mixed with… But now… just over a year after adopting her…. We think that one of her parents…. Is…. A weenie… Her torso…. Just just keeps growing… And her legggs So itty bitty...
  6. biofish

    War against blue green algae

    I’ve had it with the blue green algae. It stinks. It spread too fast. It suffocates my plants. I WANT IT GONE BUT I DONT KNOW HOW. Three of my tanks have it right now, and I spent an hour scooping and scraping out as much as I could do I could get a jump on treatment. But let’s just focus on...
  7. biofish

    How to entertain a betta fish?

    Hello all! My betta fish who’ve I’ve had for about a year is painfully bored and I’m not sure how to spice up his life. He’s healthy. He swims fine and has more than a healthy appetite and his water params are typical. He’s just a lazy grouch who likes draping himself over his decorations (“draw...
  8. biofish

    White fuzzy stuff on angelfish ventral fins

    Hey guys! So in July my sister bought 6 angel fish for my 55 gallon tank. And, even though I was nervous because I didn’t want them due to their aggression issues, so far everything’s been fine but I know that can change fast. But that’s neither here nor there… What’s wrong today is that one of...
  9. biofish

    Cooling fish tanks is not fun

    It’s a bit hot right now and my tanks are averaging 80°, which is fine for my current fish. But I was looking into some colder water fish which recommend keeping the water temp below 75° F. I have a 10 gallon tank that’s empty right now so I was like “Hey why not try it” and lemme tell you...
  10. biofish

    What kind of algae is this?

    I’ve never seen this before in my tanks and it just started growing in my planted 55 gallon tank. It’s not spreading at an overly alarming rate but it’s still really gross. Looks like a plasma or slime. It’s only on the sand.
  11. biofish

    Trying to seduce a stray kitten

    Hello! So I’m my neighborhood there’s a lady… She’s constantly bringing in stray cats that also vanish on a startlingly frequent basis. She doesn’t take that great care of them; they are left outside 24/7 , their food is sprinkled over the sidewalk and attracts raccoons etc, not nearly enough...
  12. biofish

    Can snails lay eggs on lazy fish????

    So one of my Cory catfish suddenly has a white spot on him that looks suspiciously like a snail egg??? It’s not fuzzy. It’s perfectly oval. And he’s moving around with his usual gusto. It’s not on the glass. I took a few pictures and this one was the clearest + you can see other eggs that are...
  13. biofish

    Questions on sewing fish plushies

    Hello! I don’t sew. At all. But my depression has been tearing it’s ugly little head and my sister recommended I try making plushies of my favorite fishies that have passed away. So I figured I’d try it. I’ve got the body shape sewn together but I can’t figure out a good way to make the fins...
  14. biofish

    Gendering blue gourami?

    I’m looking at blue gourami as a potential addition to my 55g now that my water params are getting under control. But as I’m looking at the blue gourami tanks throughout my various LFS, almost all of them look identical. No color marking differences like the Pearls. Their top fins all seem to...
  15. biofish

    Can I keep two pleco’s in the same tank?

    Honestly I have absolutely no need to do it, but I’m curious. I have two candy stripped (or clown. When I bought them they were called candy stripped but they look an awful lot like clowns) plecos. One in a 20 gallon and another in a 29. I was looking online but couldn’t find a definite yes or...
  16. biofish

    My guppy fry had this in its mouth? What it is?

    One of my guppy fry whose a couple months old was swimming with this in his mouth. He’s in a 10 gallon with his siblings and some Cory catfish. Other than adding a new piece of driftwood that was boiled, nothing has changed in that tank. It’s not wiggling or anything like I would expect of a...
  17. biofish

    API water testing kits are half off on Amazon!

    It’s Amazon prime day and the master testing kits are little over $20!!! If anyone else finds some really good deals feel free to post them!
  18. biofish

    Some neat fish at my LFS

    Some neat fish at my super expensive LFS. They had some seahorses and stingrays too
  19. biofish

    My city water got harder, so driftwood recommendations?

    Hello y’all! My local tap recently went up a lot on the hard scale and is now at 244 gh and that’s a no no for my Cory catfish so o was researching ways to naturally lower it and I think driftwood is my best bet. Alkalinity is also higher than it should be so figured I’d hit two birds with one...
  20. biofish

    Help me gender my cories and pleco?

    I have no basis for gendering lol. I’ve only heard that ladies tend to be larger and rounder tummies. I had to deconstruct my tanks to move them so I took a few pictures. Candy stripped pleco (I think female I have two and my other one is much smaller and skinner but couldn’t get a good pic)...