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    Help With My Freshwater Moray Eel(feeding

    I have 2 freshwater moray eels in seperate tanks. at night timje they swim around i think they are hungry. Ive had my smaller one 10" for 2 ish weeks and i have not seen him eat. i try brineshrimp and feeders but nothing. i put it in his hole( he is by himself with a pregnant cichlid who...
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    Is My Cichlid Pregnant(mouth Brooding)

    I have no idea he's about three inches yellow lab so I separated it to a ten gallon just in case, could someone please help He doesn't want to eat but I think three inches is too smal for the.m to have babies but anything is possible
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    My Malawi Mbuna Tank

    I currently have a 65 gallon malawi mbuna tank, will post stocking list when i can figure out how to upload photos from ipad
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    My African Cichlid Tank

    i have about 15 african cichlids 2 inches each. and i was wondering when they get bigger what to do. they are in a 65 gallon tank. wouldnt that be really crowded
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    Is My African Cichlid Pregnant(holding Eggs)

    I can not tell. He haven't ate in a week, but doesnt look any different to me. Its a Melanchromis Maingano, however its only 2 inches and i am going to guess 6 months old. Could somebody help me. I just moved yesterday, but the cichlid stopped eating a week ago, all of my cichlids are the...
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    Lights For African Cichlids

    I have a light that has a cover over it(i think its florescent) it has one white light bulb(length of tank, and same one is purple and a moonlighting). Moonlights are tiny bulbs like 8 of them. And i want something that will show off theyre colors. can i change the bulb inside. I heard blue...
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    Whats Beneficial Of Water Changes If Ammonia, Nitrite, And Nitrates Ar

    I am about to move in a week and was thinking; take 50% of water out(dirty water) dump it save the rest get to new house and pretend its a water change its a cichlid tank not fully setup yet cycled as predator tank then converted to cichlid its a 65 gallon tank and was just wondering what...
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    Malawi Mbuna Tank

    Just started a cichlid tank, converted from predators. Will be adding more fish each week until completion. I had rocks looking better but then had to get old fish out so now looks ehhh, but im moving and will redo it in 1 week
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    Immediate Help Please

    My brother has a 75 gallon saltwater aquarium(1 spotted moray eel, 2 Lionfish, 1 blue lined grouper, and a niger trigger) The Little lionfish looked sick and spines were thinner since we got the bigger one. The lionfish just died and the grouper did too, the grouper looked pale and im not sure...
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    Setting Up Cichlid Caves

    i have some Rocks and i know is not enough 65 gallon tank 3' x 18" x 2' my question is should i get really big rocks(10 lbs) a piece maybe 5 lbs. I view others tanks and the rocks are bigger. maybe thats why i have trouble adding a second level on my rocks.
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    Is My Setup Good For Cichlids

    I am not going to add any cichlids yet because i am going on vacation, tank fully cycled. my ph is up right now and i have the malawi buffer and cichlid salt. I will remove all fish before i put any cichlids in definately, would love some opinions on my tank. its a 65 gallon 3' x 18" x 2'(depth)
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    Is This Tank A Good Setup For Cichlids?

    My linki did not put cichlids in because i am going on vacation, i will though afterwards and remove every fish.
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    How Do You Upload A Photo Here

    i have been trying to do it without sending people through a link, any help
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    Cichlid Help

    i have a 65 gallon tank and was told to put alot of cichlids in at the same time. which just saying now i will not do until i put buffer and the malawi salt in. it used to be a freshwater its cycled now wanting to do cichlids. What should i do. they say buy them all at the same time so they...
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    Converting Freshwater To Cichlids Tank

    what should i do, i have a black ghost knife fish, tiretrack eel, asian needle nose gar, 4 rainbow fish, paratilapia polleni and an angelfish. I am going to keep the tiretrack eel but could i keep the paratilapia polleni and/or the asian needle nose gar. If not its ok but other than that What...
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    Tannins From Mopani Wood

    activated carbon doesnt work. any clues.
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    Am I Overfeeding My Fish?

    I have one asian needle nose gar, a black ghost knife fish, an angelfish, 4 rainbowfish, 1 paratilapia polleni, and a tiretrack eel. i put in 3 cubes of blood worms, the gar doesnt eat them only live fihs, so is that too much for the other fish.
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    Cant Find Electric Blue Crayfish

    i had a big one too, he molted now gone, I dont know which fish ate him, i moved the decor around to see and nothing. I have an asian needlenose gar, but hes afraid of him and only i mean only eats live fish and his stomach isnt poofed at all, then i have a paratilapia (1inch) but my crayfish...
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    Paratilapia Polleni Advice

    I have a one inch paratilapia polleni. I know how to take care of him just found out what he is for a month. Any thing special about them? I bought him and some people say they are rare, others common. Right now i have him in my 65 gallon with asian needle nose gar, black ghost knife fish, an...
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    Accidently Overdosed Ph Up

    i accidently did 100 gallons worth for 65. i was used to teaspoon for 10 gallons then i think oh wait its 25 gallons, the ph is at 7.6 which 2 days ago was 6.0 just wondering any bad effects, i have to put it in 2x day for 1 week, should i skip tomorrow morning