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  1. Duckquarium

    Need a name for my new betta!

    Bc elf with Will Farrell
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    Betta fish received critical hit

    Here he is fresh from the store, before introducing him to other fish. As you can see there’s just minor stress breaks from the petco cup, most of which were almost all the way healed before the damage in question was done.
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  5. Duckquarium

    Betta fish received critical hit

    Youre quite correct, I didn’t notice there was any on top I’ll have to double check that. I’ll put him in a 2.5 for now until I figure out somewhere else to put the bumblebee. I’m definitely a little worried about what to put with it though as I definitely wasn’t expecting such aggression from...
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    Betta fish received critical hit

    Yeah that makes sense, it’s more like I’m reading mixed things about the bumblebee online and it’s the only fish in there that I know nothing about. Before the addition of the bumblebee he was fine, and I hear kuhli loach are fairly safe to keep with betta so I just got those at the same time. I...
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    Betta fish received critical hit

    As far as I was aware all of the species I have are safe to keep with betta
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    Betta fish received critical hit

    That’s what I was thinking but would a bumblebee catfish or kuhli loach be able to do that to a betta?
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    Betta fish received critical hit

    I set it up using a 2.5 gallon tank that was already cycled, I put the betta in a cup while I transferred the water, aquasoil, plants, and filter with media to the 10 gallon tank. Put the betta back in 2.5g fully bare while tank cycled for a week then introduced betta Water parameters are as...
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    Betta fish received critical hit

    Hi here’s my scape. I have a betta, 1 bumblebee catfish, 1 panda Cory, 2 kuhli loach, and 5 ghost shrimp. The betta and the lava rocks have coexisted with no issues for almost two weeks now but yesterday I woke up and noticed a large majority of the bettas anal fin was completely destroyed. I...
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    Very bare 10g for male betta

    I was pretty sure I had some duckweed, but part of me was holding back thinking it might be something else very similar in size. That’s cool tho cus I have ducks I might skim some of that stuff off the top of the tanks once it grows in and see if they’ll eat it.
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    Very bare 10g for male betta

    I gotta say the aquarium store guy is definitely a cool dude, he put three random scoops from three random tanks, and then he went looking (took him a couple minutes) and he stuck the biggest one he had in there. I’m pretty pleased I was able to seed 4 tanks.
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    Very bare 10g for male betta

    I like the big ones the best personally
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