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  1. Duckquarium

    Betta fish received critical hit

    Hi here’s my scape. I have a betta, 1 bumblebee catfish, 1 panda Cory, 2 kuhli loach, and 5 ghost shrimp. The betta and the lava rocks have coexisted with no issues for almost two weeks now but yesterday I woke up and noticed a large majority of the bettas anal fin was completely destroyed. I...
  2. Duckquarium

    Very bare 10g for male betta

    I feel like this tank is wicked bare, should I stick some gravel in there??? I don’t mind the soil personally I wanna see where the carpet heads off to. I don’t have a lot of experience with growing aquarium plants so I honestly have no idea what it’ll look like I just put stuff wherever I...
  3. Duckquarium

    R8 my DIY undersize shrimp filter for planted betta community tank

    I was using a piece of t shirt before but then I broke out the filter pads. The heaters definitely undersized too but this tank is in a warm room and summer is coming.
  4. Duckquarium

    Question about metal aquarium implements

    So, I’ve worked in food production before and we used a lotta stainless stuff, and I notice a lot of people use stainless in their aquariums. My question is about rust. Will you visually see corrosion first or will you notice a drop in water quality first? And what parameter do you have to look...
  5. Duckquarium

    Cheapest glass scrubber - needing macgyver options

    What’s the cheapest macgyver type algae scrubber that I can put together using household items? I don’t have any clean scotchbrite or anything like that… but I do have double sided razor blades and old t shirts.. Bonus points for pictures, I’m a visual learner.
  6. Duckquarium

    2.5g betta, needing a cleanup crew

    I have (pic related) set up right now with a betta and a couple snails. The snails have been keeping the glass clean just fine but the substrate is a little messy, can i swap a snail for a shrimp or two or is that gonna strangle my betta? Dont judge my diver head i thought it was kind of funny...
  7. Duckquarium

    Intro thread

    Hi I’m new to this forum This is my 2nd ever betta, it’s fairly energetic.