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  1. tomtomtom1230

    Update On The Tanganyikans!

    Image can be clicked on to enlarge.   Soooooo, I bought 4 N. Multifasciatus for my 125l tank and they are the most industrious fish I know of. Alongside ruining my careful aquascape (which I admittedly was prepared for), they've buried my Vallis and tried to bury each others' shells! Now I've...
  2. tomtomtom1230

    Tanganyikan Cichlids!

    Can anybody tell me about Neolamprologus Multifasciatus? Not sure what their common name is. Any first hand experience? I've got a140 litre tank with a 90cm x 50cm (ish) footprint. How many shells am I going to need? What sort of substrate will it require? I understand they like to sift through...
  3. tomtomtom1230

    Sooooo.... New Tank.

    I'm trying a new set up and I've got a bunch of ocean rock laying about and a spare 150 litre (approx.) tank (80cm x 45cm x 50cm = WxDxH). I'm thinking dwarf cichlids?   Completely new to cichlids in general, what do I need to know? What species am I looking at? Thanks guys, as I said before I'm...
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    New(Ish) Tank!

    Started up a new 120 litre tank!   I say new, I use the term loosely. I've rehashed my old Interpet. Renewed the nutrients in my EcoComplete gravel, new plants, new filter (kept old filter media and one of the four sponges). I have a female bristlenose in there right now and I've also got 12...
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    Female Dwarf Gourami

    She has a red bit on one side of her mouth. It looks inflamed and very sore. Could be due to an injury, she has been squabbling with the other female recently. She also has a circular white-grey blemish on her anal fin (that isn't present on the other female). This incident is isolated since all...
  6. tomtomtom1230

    Bubbles Anyone?

    Hey people! After coming back from my holiday and getting my tank stats back on par with where it used to be, I noticed something. After doing my twice-a-week fert dosing (which includes Flourish Excel, Flourish Trace and half doses of potassium and phosphate with a little iron) I noticed when...
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    As in title really! I'll be away for 15 days... Lights are on a timer but what to do with ferts? Stop dosing and reduce light? I dose excel every couple of days and trace at every weekly water change. It's very well looked after low tech set up (moderately planted).My girlfriend will come in to...
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    Fish Husbandry Jokes

    Here's my contribution: A man walks into a fish and chip shop carrying a fish in his hand and says "do you serve fishcakes in here?" the owner replies, "no." the man says "aw that's a shame, its his birthday today!" :blush: Pretty poor start, I know! Try and keep them clean, please :P
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    Get Fish She Says!

    "Yeah, get fish 'cause I'll get attached to anything else and be really upset if it were to die." Said my girlfriend. Now, in my original tank, I had 5 Gold Zebra Danios. One died a LONG time ago now and that left me with the 4. They've been perfectly happy but I wasn't aloud to take them back...
  10. tomtomtom1230

    White Fluffy Bits?

    Was looking at the fish today, as you do, but this time I noticed that I had some tiny, fern-like anomalies on my glass. They're affixed by a tiny, tiny point and sway in the current. Upon looking at them under a magnifying glass, they're fern shaped and look, perhaps a type of white algae? It...
  11. tomtomtom1230

    Real Quick Ph Question

    I have the API standard (not a high range kit) pH test kit and it tests up to 7.6. My tank water comes out at 7.6 every time and the test is as blue as it can get. Should I get a high range test kit to make sure my pH isn't higher than 7.6? Waste of money? Haven't tested dechlorinated tap water...
  12. tomtomtom1230

    Gold Zebra Danios

    Livestock/Equipment make-model-size/Wanted/Exchange/Plants: Gold Zebra Danio (Danio Rerio I think) Age and condition: Less than 1 year, very healthy, active and all feed well. No previous tank problems. Quantity for sale: 4 Reason for Sale: Not suitable for my tank and bothering other, more...
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    How Much For A Zebra Pleco?!

    I knew they were more of a speciality fish and were - as a consequence - a helluva lot rarer than most fish but there's one going for £350 in my LFS... Really...? £350...? Also, some of their rarer gouramis are hitting £150 each, or £250 for a pair...?! I simply had no idea and I nearly fell...
  14. tomtomtom1230

    Plants Going Brown?

    OK. My tank is a fairly new setup (with matured media) as some of you might know. I'm completely new to having real plants and did do some homework before committing to the cause! My water stats are as follows: ammonia: 0ppm nitrite: 0 - 0.1ppm (have done a water change recently, will do...
  15. tomtomtom1230

    Is This A Bn Or Not?

    As they're still juvenile (only about 1.5 inches long not including the tail) I can't tell whether this pleco is male or female. What I can't decide, is whether it is a bristlenose or not. It DOES have some nodules on it's 'nose' but they're not bristles per sey. If the following fish IS a...
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    Missing Guppy?

    I rehomed all my fish into a larger tank (see link in my sig). I acclimated them all the fresh tank water of the course of an hour or so. Old tank water (unplanted): amonnia 0 nitrite 0 nirtate about 20 pH ~7 New tank water (planted) ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrates about 5-10ppm (can't be sure...
  17. tomtomtom1230

    In-Line Aquarium Heaters

    I want one! But the only ones I can find are heaters that fit with specific canister filters, like the RENA models. I have a fluval 206. I'd love to get another piece of hardware out of the tank!
  18. tomtomtom1230

    Silverfish Aquariums Discuss :) For the record, I think it's more of a fashion statement than an aquarium and you could only keep very small fish in there regardless of the entire capacity. Looks cool though.
  19. tomtomtom1230

    New Cabinet...

    I have a new chest of drawers coming from IKEA and plan to put my 120L tank on it. The dimensions are correct and the tank will have approx 10cm all the way around of free space (from the base of the tank to the edge of the drawers. Hope this chest of drawers of IKEA is good. It was cheap are...
  20. tomtomtom1230

    120L Journal!

    Hey guys, I'll be added this to my sig soon enough, I just wanted to share with you my tank building from the ground up. On Friday just gone, my tank came and this morning, my new Fluval 206 came :) I'm so pleased with both products so far (a little disapointed with the FishPod's lighting...