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  1. Big Boy Fish

    How do i persuade my parents to let me get a 75gallon tank

    So i have 1oscar a baby pleco and a tiny bichir in a breeding tank (you dont have to say its over crowded i know). I know if i can save up enough money ,estimates around 2024 so roughly in a year i can buy it but thats where my problem comes in. Now my dad would be yes yes yes but my mum is...
  2. Big Boy Fish

    Oscar fish eyes going whiter gradually

    Hes my 1-2 year old 7in albino tiger oscar that ive been keeping with a royal pleco. Ive been realising his eyes are going more white than orange. Do you know why this is happening? If you can help thanks.
  3. Big Boy Fish

    I need the basics to keeping a betta fish

    So i will be investing my money in a new fish tank 35x35x35cm, 40liters and i have decided to buy a betta when i buy this tank. I have a lot if experience since i have a oscar and have been a fish owner for many years but through those years I've never owned a betta so if you can help Thank you
  4. Big Boy Fish

    Best fish for 35 liter tank-completed-Dont reply no more-

    See im wanting a new tank not to repace but to have more fish i have a 40x35cm gap and the tank i have in mind is 35x35. Ive started saving money 20£ a week. Im looking for something unique(basically oddballs) i dont mind if the fish cant go with others or a mini community. Anyways thats it...
  5. Big Boy Fish

    Whats the most disturbing thing you've seen a fish do.

    Here ill go first i saw a bunch of feeder shrimp swarming around a dead one eating it. Blinking canible shrimp in fish shops. Choose you're reply wisely.
  6. Big Boy Fish

    Good snails to clean the tank but look nice.

    So I need to make some sort of list of snails that are fairly large, breed-able and look exotic. When i say breed-able i mean something that doesn't breed so I have to restart my tank because they took over I have made a list at the moment that. contains rabbit snails and ramshorn. Im going on...
  7. Big Boy Fish

    Will a crayfish go with a Oscar and a Royal pleco. Solved

    I'm interested in the red swamp cray fish that get around 5in while my oscar is 7in and royal pleco is 3-4in. I though it could be a cool addition to the tank and could clear debris. Also if i could keep on with my oscar are there any thing i have to do to keep it healthy and happy. As always if...
  8. Big Boy Fish

    What live food should i breed to feed my oscar and what i need. I have till september.

    I have a 7in oscar that i have tryed feeding live food eg: shrimp and bloodworm and he loves it. My birthday is coming up so i will have enough money and i have a garage to put them in. If you can get me links to items to buy to breed whatever you suggest. I will have a budget of £50 to £100. I...
  9. Big Boy Fish

    Any snail species that can go with a Oscar and Royal Pleco-(finished)-

    One of my apple snails died recently to old age and im wondering what types of snails I could get. As I have said in the title i have one oscar and a royal pleco.I have many breeding tanks so if there baby's i can just stick them in those. I have one apple snail left and a couple randoms along...
  10. Big Boy Fish

    What has made this print in the algae

    It seems to be a long wiggly pattern on the algae. All i have is a abino oscar, about 7 inches and royal pleco, about 3-4 inches. I have a relatively small tank, a 30 gallon that will be replaced any time soon (i know its too small). I also have 3 small snails, i dont know what they are and two...
  11. Big Boy Fish

    Should I get a jaguar cichlid to replace my dead oscar

    I need to know this, are jaguars like oscar, do jaguars have a good personality and will jaguar go with a 6'dinosaur bichir, 3'blood parrot and a 4'royal pleco. If you replied thanks If not, no thanks
  12. Big Boy Fish

    I need help with choosing Oscars!!!

    I want to get another oscar. Firstly and wild oscars actually caught wild or are they bred from a breeder and sent where ever. Also are lemon oscars rare and will it be hard for me to get my hands on. Finally what should i choose, a lemon oscar or a wild oscar. Im doing this because my 6' oscar...
  13. Big Boy Fish

    New royal pleco

    Ive just got a royal pleco for my oscar, bichir and blood parrot chihlid tank. Hes hiding because the oscar is bigger than him but the bichir and bp dont care about him. All i need to know is food, when they are up and the size of them. Also will he clean the tank alot and should i leave algae...
  14. Big Boy Fish

    Can i keep a perch with a oscar fish.

    Ive seen a perch at my local and i think he would go good with my oscar, it just depends if they can go. My oscar is harmless, peaceful and is very friendly. Please reply by atleast by 2 tomorrow if you can. THANK YOU!!!!!
  15. Big Boy Fish

    Oscar staying at surface

    Today i woke up like any day and they were all normal. I took a ornament out because my BP didn't like it, now when i got in from school the oscar was sitting top left of the tank. I put shrimp in and he ate them but came back up after. I only got him 1 month ago and I've never seen him doing...
  16. Big Boy Fish

    Apple snails bred

    My two apple snails turbo and brian had eggs. They have layed there second batch. The first batch of them didnt hatch. The second batch is getting black spots in the middle, that means they are fertile and hopefully i'll get about 30 and make a bit of profit out of them. Thats all for now!
  17. Big Boy Fish

    Post your fish

    Send a pictures of main fish, tank mates, tank setup and pump system. If you can =)
  18. Big Boy Fish

    Any good food to feed a 6 inch oscar

    Ive got my oscar on meat sticks, balls and prawns as a treat but i think he could have a more mixed diet. Comment if you have any ideas!
  19. Big Boy Fish

    How to make a new Blood Parrot Fish feel at home.

    I've recently got a blood parrot for my oscar tank. They both get along very well but my oscar is pushing him away into a skull (ornament). My oscar is about 6- and the blood parrot is about 3- but i only got him 2 days ago. He does come out but i think the oscar is just warning him that he is...
  20. Big Boy Fish

    Blood Parrot Fish looks like a oscar

    I got a blood parrot fish for my oscar, bichir tank and it looks very like my oscar.He is same colour code as my oscar but is getting blue lines but not orange and all his fins are the same as my oscar. If you could tell me what breed or mix it is that would help, thank you