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  1. George Farmer

    Television Presenter's Aquarium Makeover

    Hi all - it's been a while... Last summer I got in touch with Jonny Smith, car journalist and TV presenter, probably best known from Fifth Gear. Jonny's been a keen fishkeeper since he was a child, but he admitted his tank had seen better days, and accepted the offer of a makeover. The tank...
  2. George Farmer

    240 Litre Jungle

    Spec - Tank - Aquariums Ltd 120 x 45 x 45cm and cabinet with DIY front panel Lighting - Arcadia OT2 luminaire (4 x 54w T5), 2 tubes for 9hrs, DIY lighting stand (supplied by Dan Crawford) Filter - Fluval FX5 with 25mm-16mm fittings (thanks Gareth!), Fluval G inlet/outlet, Hydor inline heater...
  3. George Farmer

    Aquascaping On Tv

    You Tube The tank Me in rehersal Dan Crawford, James Starr-Marshall and I recently set up a fully planted aquascape for Sky1’s new UK TV show, Liza and Huey’s Pet Nation. The show celebrates the nation’s obsession with pets and a researcher spoke with me...
  4. George Farmer

    My Planted Marine Tank

    Some close-ups from my skimmerless macroalgae 125 litre/33 US gal. tank. To be featured in PFK soon...
  5. George Farmer

    Brand New Fluval Fx5 External Filter - Bargain

    Award-winning Fluval FX5 external filter suitable for large aquaria. See link for more details - Brand new, still in sealed box. Unwanted gift. Collect only. Stamford, Lincolnshire. £125 PM if interested.
  6. George Farmer

    A Retrospective Of Aquascaping

    80cm - Dutch Flavour 80cm - Mother Microsorium 30cm - Meadow Zephyr 80cm - The Shade 80cm - Blyxa Hills 60cm - Sumatran Chocolate 120cm - South East Asia 30cm - Little Mountain 120cm - Harlequins' Haven 60cm - English Summer 60cm - Finery If planted tanks are your thing...
  7. George Farmer

    Another Planted Tank...

    You can read all about it in the latest PFK. 60 litres, black neon tetras.
  8. George Farmer

    Some Shots From My World...

    My 3 year-old daughter and father-in-law Isolated building on way to work Corn field on way to work Blue tractor near my horse's stables Canon EOS 10D, all 17-35mm Sigma lens except first shot, Canon f/2.8 100mm
  9. George Farmer

    2.5 Gallons - 20 Fish

    This is my 30x20x20cm, 12 litre, 2.5 gal. I set it up originally for Tropica, to test out some new plants. Follow this link -Tropica - step-by-step nano aquarium You can also see how I set it up in the July PFK. Full tank shot (Eden 501 filter removed for photo) These are Oryzias sp...
  10. George Farmer

    My Latest 'scape

    This a minor re-scaped version of my 2008 ADA entry. Will look nice in 2-3 weeks once the Rotala and Blyxa have filled the background.
  11. George Farmer

    My Two Tanks...

    The view from my hallway. The front tank is 60 litres. The far tank in my living room is 10 litres, resting on a bookshelf. The nano will be featured in July's PFK. The 60 litre will be in August's PFK.
  12. George Farmer

    120cm - Cuspidated Jungle

    This is an aquascape I created over winter 2007. I really enjoyed watching this mature and the eclectic mix of SE Asian fish and plants provided many lost hours of wonder. It was also nice to see that I can turn my hand to more complex layouts, as typically my aquascaping style is relatively...
  13. George Farmer

    How To Set Up An Easy Planted Tank
  14. George Farmer

    Black Neons From Pfk Feature

    PFK magazine readers may recognise these from the latest issue (May '08) in my 'In Pursuit of Perfection' step-by-step planted tank feature. The tank is doing very well and the aquascape is maturing nicely. Look out for a full tank shot in a forthcoming issue...
  15. George Farmer

    Ukaps Visit The Green Machine

    Saturday 5th April 2008 saw the most successful UKAPS meet yet, hosted by The Green Machine. A wholehearted thanks to all involved - Jim and Mark for the warm reception and wonderful hospitality throughout the day, Andy and Elaine for their inspirational talk and biotope aquascape display...
  16. George Farmer

    Happy Harlequins

    Taken from my 120cm tank.
  17. George Farmer

    Nature Aquarium Photos

    Here are some shots from my 80cm (125 litre) planted aquarium. It’s a modified Juwel Rio 125 with 4 x T5 lighting, big external filter, CO2 injection, daily ferts and nutrient-rich substrate. It has glassware for the filter inlet/outlet and external inline heater to hide ugly equipment...
  18. George Farmer

    Entering A D A Contest 2008?

    Got a decent 'scape?
  19. George Farmer

    Nature Aquarium

    Here are some recent shots from my pimped Juwel Rio 125. I'm slowly getting to grips with my Canon EOS 10D. You can follow the progress of this tank from scratch on the PFK blogs... The first shot was taken into my hallway mirror. I quite liked the effect.