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  1. Liam

    Micro Crabs Birth

    A pic of the larvae being released. there are two larvae in this pic. Another crab remained attached to the mum while she was releasing them, not sure why. I put more of pics of them on crustaforum invert site if anyone is interested in seeing them.
  2. Liam

    Micro Crabs

    Just after they went into the tank. The tiger shrimplet is quite small the crab chased it off, there is another smaller crab further down on the plant.
  3. Liam

    Dwarf Loach And A Killie Pair

    The killies are a pair of Fundulopanchax puerzli and a couple of dwarf loach. The pair and some big mouth shots. female Male
  4. Liam

    Looking For An Id.

    Much appreciated if anyone knows,. I will be giving him a little tank with his wives so would like to know temp and ph etc. Thanks
  5. Liam

    Shrimp Cocktail

    I got these tigers a few weeks ago, they were sold as regular tiger shrimp but they are wild caught I think, some of them were berried and had bits missing and they are different ages, they are also a bit bigger than regular tigers. They all have different colours. The other pic is from another...
  6. Liam

    Crystal Red Shrimp

    Common Name: Crystal Red Shrimp, Red Bee Shrimp, CRS. Scientific Name: Caridina cf.cantonensis ‘Crystal Red’ Family: Atyidae Origin: Japan (wild ancestors from China, CRS are a colour morph of crystal black shrimp or black bee shrimp) Size: 2.5 to 3 cm or 1 to 1.2 inches Recommended Tank...
  7. Liam

    Ninja And Other Shrimps

  8. Liam

    Cardinal Shrimp Pics

    I got these guys three weeks ago, so far so good they seem to be doing fine. I got the little harlequins and dark maroons before, some of them survived a few weeks but they all died, the shop I got them in told me they didn’t survive very long in their tanks either, they never seemed very...
  9. Liam

    New Swiss Animal Welfare Law

    The new law will make it illegal to keep a goldfish on its own, as they are social animals. It will also be required that aquariums are not transparent on all sides and that aquarium fish get a day night cycle. A chemical will have to be got from the vet to make the fish unconscious if it needs...
  10. Liam

    African Filter Shrimp

    I have had these guys nearly two years but hardly ever get to photo them, got some decent shots of the smallest one as it gets pushed out by the big guys from favourite filtering spots. Not the most active guys but still nice aquarium inhabitants. There is a limpet snail on its head you can see...
  11. Liam

    Some Uninvited Tank Inhabitants.

    May be of some interest to some. Lots of little critters move into a shrimp tank, most of them are completely harmless, except maybe hydra. The daphnia were food in the fish tank, I think they look cool and alien. Got an extension tube for my lens so can take pics of tiny things. fish food...
  12. Liam

    Cory Pics

  13. Liam

    Glowlight Danio

    Common name/s: Glowlight danio Scientific name: Danio choprai Family: Cyprinidae Origin: Burma (Myanmar) The Irrawaddy river and its outlets. Size: 3 cm/ 1.2” Care: Being very active little fish an aquarium of at least two feet would be suitable. They squabble constantly and chase each...
  14. Liam

    Pseudomugil Furcatus

    Common name/s: Forktail Rainbow Scientific name: Pseudomugil furcatus Origin: Papua New Guinea. Size: 5-6cm./2” Care: Being very active little fish an aquarium of at least two feet would be suitable. They come from fast flowing streams with a ph of between 7 and 8 and a temperature of...
  15. Liam

    Freshwater Blenny

    I got a couple of these little guys a few months ago, interesting little guys and good snail eaters. There is one in the plants under the shrimp which gives an idea of how samll they are. Fishbase lists them as brackish while fishprofiles list them as freshwater. I have kept them in fresh...
  16. Liam

    Fork-tail Rainbows

    Common name/s: Forktail Rainbow <Forktail Blue Eye - The Pseudomugil genus is known throughout much of the world as "Blue Eye" - you will often see them called that in the trade. - LL> Scientific name: Pseudomugil furcatus Origin: Papua New Guinea. Size: 5-6cm./2” Care: Being very active...
  17. Liam

    Rainbows. M. Praecox. Neon Rainbows

    The first two are males having a fight, the colour is not so great. The third is accurate colour with a male and female the female on top. The last one is a male having a yawn. Hope you like and enjoy.
  18. Liam

    Dwarf Loaches

    I have seven of these little guys, nice hardy little fish, I dont have a tank big enough for clowns but these little ones are a great alternative. Hope you like the pics!
  19. Liam

    A Cherry Shrimp Hatching

    It’s the egg closest to the tail that is hatching. Most of the eggs had hatched by the time I took the photos a baby is visible in the first pic, the whitish blob in the bottom corner. The mums usually hide in moss in a dark place while the eggs hatch. I could just about photograph these with...